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You might have guessed I love jeans, always have done. I think New Look might have got wind of this because they asked me to take part in their Denim Challenge. They sent me 4 pairs of jeans in different styles so I could create some denim looks for their social media channels. 

I went for a bit of a preppy look with these amazing jersey denim jeans, yes jersey denim, they are a total revelation, they feel like a denim and are weighty like a denim but they move like jersey and are so comfortable. They're different to jeggings, they have more movement but are fully structured like jeans. Honestly, I love them, despite the furore on the New Look Facebook page over my alleged saggy crotch!! Ha ha!!  

Here I went for super casual, teaming the jeans with a simple monochrome leopard print sweatshirt and my beloved Missy Elliot trainers and super bright ASOS scarf. The jeggings are denim based, not a full on jersey legging with a denim look. Very comfy and I liked that they were lighter in colour! 

My final look (for this post anyway, I still have one more pair of jeans to take pics of) is, shock horror, a pair of bootcut jeans, and what's even more shocking is that I quite liked them. I haven't worn bootcuts for about 8 years but I kind of did a 90s look with the checked shirt and brown boots, which took me back to my Take That days. All I need was a kangol hat, but I think that might have been a step too far!! 

It's the big house move tomorrow so if I go AWOL you know why, but I'm hoping to have broadband on Thursday if all goes to plan!! Wish me luck guys!!!!
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  1. The thought of saggy crotch-gate made me laugh. I love the different looks x

  2. Good luck with the big house move!!!!
    Love the bootcut jeans, I can´t help feeling a 90's girl...!!!!!
    Big hugs from Spain. xx

  3. Great outfits - really lovin' your hair as well ;D

    I love jeans, I always find it hard to find a nice pair of skinny or straight leg jeans. ASOS Curve are great, will have to check out New Look :)

    Best of luck with the house move x

    Sarah @ xx

  4. Hello my love! :) love your jean collection!


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