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I've been blogging for nearly three years now, I remember before I started I'd found plus size blogs and was getting more immersed in the community when the first ever Plus London took place. I remember being so envious of all those cool bloggers having an amazing time in that there London. There was me, stuck in Yorkshire at the time, bloody miserable. I could never have imagined that I'd have my own blog and go on to organise my own fabulous event. 

I love, love, love that more and more events are emerging, that across the country there are clothes swaps, and shopping trips and fashion events taking place on a regular basis. It's bloody marvellous! 

One such bloody marvellous event is the Big Boogie Prom, the brain child of the lovely Rebecca, the prom promises to be a body positive, queer and trans friendly party. It's a chance to have a prom experience that for whatever reason, you might not have got to have the first time round. (For me, they just didn't exist when I was at school, well not out on the coast of Lincolnshire anyway!)

All the details are as above, and you can visit the website here for any more info and to purchase tickets. I'm already incredibly jealous of everyone who's going as I can't make it. It's Poppy's 4th birthday the next day and for obvious reasons, I need to be at home with her. So - buy a ticket, dance the night away and be merry (and have a couple for me please) 

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