Video killed the bloggering star...


Everyone's doing videos just lately aren't they? So I thought I'd have a bash. This is just a very quick hello from me so you can laugh at my accent and manky teeth really...

Should I bother doing any more? What should I vlog about if I do? Let me know!!! 

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  1. Oh I love your accent! I live more north than you (I think), I'm just below Newcastle, and I think your accent sounds posh compared, and not rubbish at all! I have a jumbled up accent mines a mix of my homeland Canadian accent mixed with the Northern(but not Geordie) accent, people often ask if I'm Irish although I don't think I sound Irish at all!

  2. Your accent sounds fine and so is the vlog! being from 'uddersfield my friends at uni take delight in telling me i talk like a farmer :/ and i can assure you that you don't haha, good luck with the vlogging x

  3. Who knew Jeremy Beale was the innovator? He had his finger on the pulse all those years ago, and now if you're down with the kids, video's where it's at. ;) I love your accent. x x


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