Sundays were made for this...


Have you all had a lovely weekend? We had a lovely family day today, we went our for a carvery then for some donuts down the seafront. Days like this make me feel so grateful. 

Living with mental illness can make even the most simplest of tasks seem like the hardest of challenges. This week has been tough. It's ok, I'm at a stage now after many years of this that I know it's just a week, or a day and that it will pass. Today was a good day. Becky 1 - Mentalness 0.

Bring me my donutssssss

Mmmmm Donuts. Hot and tasty.

Man on boob, I repeat, man on boob.

Always getting in on the action <3

What I wore for family fun times! 
 photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

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  1. That photo of you and Poppy is so lovely <3 Well done for bashing the mentals on the head today, you are awesome and I love you xxx

  2. You have such a great attitude, I'm working my way towards that, and the good days are starting to outnumber the bad. We are superwomen! What gorgeous pics of you all xx

  3. I have just started following your blogs for inspiration....but the last photo on this blog my partner and I have laughed as you have the display cabinet that I am looking for and the same clock as I have....also I love your style which is very similar to my tastes. Thank you

    1. Hey Denise! Welcome!! The cabinet is one of my waif and strays, I take in furniture like people take in animals! I can't bare to see a lovely piece go to the tip!! Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog x x x


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