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So yesterday I took, what turned out to be, a rather treacherous journey to beautiful but slightly flooded Oxford. Home to plus size sportswear brand State of Mind, I was there to do a fitting session. 

Not only is it fantastic that there are specialist plus size activewear brands out there, but the fact they're fitting on lumpy, bumpy, chubby size 22 chicks like me is, in my opinion real progress. A plus size body moves differently, its spreads, it wobbles and that is something, in all it's glory, clothing designers need to take into account. 

Karensa and her team try and think about the customer every step of the way. What will be comfortable, how will it move, the length of tops, the material. Every detail is considered with the plus size woman in mind. 

Karensa and designer Martin where so welcoming. I had such a great time, trying on the clothes in development for the next State of Mind range. I don't have any pics because we can't give too much away, but theres a great range of versatile, stylish and comfortable pieces suitable for a whole host of different activities. 

Karensa grabbed this shot of me after I'd done the fittings (man I need a haircut!!) Can't wait to share the new range with you, in the mean time I have some of the current range to show you over the next few weeks! 

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  1. Found your blog yesterday and already I am Following via Bloglovin. When you have the time stop by My Kurves and leave me a comment.

  2. Becky! I can't believe you didn't say anything! I live in oxford :-( I hope you didn't get too wet! x


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