Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Introducing Taking Shape

I was recently contacted regarding new to the UK brand, Taking Shape. Already well established in Australia and New Zealand with over 28 years experience and over 130 stores they decided now was the time to expand to the UK.

The site carry's a collection of brands "designed to celebrate your curves" and if I'm completely honest on the whole I felt a lot of the pieces were a little more mature than I would personally wear. But, as with most plus size brands, its so important to look through the site, because you never know, there could be something that meets your need or taste. Taking Shape is no exception, there were several items on the site I really liked, one of which is this beautiful tunic blouse.

I love, love, love the bold print on the blouse, so much so, its been hung on the back of my door and I keep walking past it and smiling. The boxy cut on the sleeves and shoulders gives it a fashion feel, but the pintuck to the waist area adds a little definition.  The tunic is long enough for me (at 5'7") to wear as dress, and the addition of pockets it just brilliant. The fabric is beautiful and soft and feels very expensive. The 22 is true to size, possibly on the generous side, but I really liked the fit on this, blouses can be a nightmare because of the buttons but this was a really lovely fit. 

I'd say the range as a whole is mid-range price wise, if you're looking for bargain, fast fashion this is not the place to be, but what Taking Shape do offer are quality garments, worth investing in. This blouse would be great with leggings, or tucked into a skirt, I'd even like to see it over a swim suit in the summer for a luxury holiday kind of look.  

Have you checked out the site, what do you think of the collection?

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**I was very kindly sent this item for review, all opinions however are absolutely mine**

Saturday, 26 October 2013

OOTD: Easy does it...

Hey all, hope you're having a great weekend? I nipped into town this morning with my mum, she needed some help picking out some clothes and we all know theres nothing I like more than clothes shopping!

I sometimes find the best outfits are those that have a set base, in this case my JUNAROSE jeans and long sleeve black t-shirt, with great pieces added on top. I often wear this base and add a different jacket to it, great pair of shoes, or huge jewellery.

I wore: Wrap - Yours Clothing// Jeans - JUNAROSE// Shoes - Simply Be// Bag - JustFab 

The wrap is just one of those great pieces you can grab, chuck over jeans or leggings and look instantly glam, its really warm and toasty too and the fur collar reminds me of the mid 90s when the Spice Girls where everywhere! 

I picked up the bag last week as a continuation of my obsession with all things berry, its the second bag I have from JustFab, I love their stuff so much. 

And the shoes are Jeffrey and Paula at Simply Be, they come in an E fitting and EEE fitting, I went for the E as I don't have really wide fit, They seem really generous and are comfy too!  

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

OOTD: Berry, berry nice...

Had to pop out today to do a few jobs, so thought I'd make the effort and try to look half decent! I bought this textured dress from Dorothy Perkins last week and its just perfect, the fit, the colour, the material. It's pretty dreamy!

I wore: Dress - Dorothy Perkins// Jacket - F+F (past season)// Tights - BHS (past season) // Boots - Simply Be// Necklace - Dorothy Perkins..

The dress is a lovely soft fabric and is a generous fit, I got the 22, but I'd say it is suitable for size 24 too. It's gorgeous deep mulberry colour. I wore it with my floral tights, chunky boots and biker jacket. 

Windswept, but not that interesting....

The dress is just £19.00 and Dorothy Perkins have a 25% off code at the mo DPFW25 making it just £14.25. Bloody bargain!! The boots from Simply Be are sadly now sold out but there are heaps of gorgeous cut out boots on the high street at the moment and the tights are past season BHS of all places, I was surprised to find they stocked plus size tights and cute ones for that matter?! So it's definitely worth popping into your local branch to see if they have some similar ones this year.

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The weight of it....

I had a bit of a twitter moan this morning... Who me? Surely not?! HA! And probably shouldn't have, but I was doing my normal social media scan when I became a bit enraged with my instagram feed. I don't know how it happened or why I was following these folk in the first place but it seemed to be awash with weightloss pics. An endless stream of girls posting before and after pics, pictures of their baggy clothes. 

Whats wrong with that you may ask? Well firstly don't get me wrong, I would never, ever begrudge someone their weightloss, I don't hate thin people, or people who diet. It is 100% their choice and I very much believe all bodies are good bodies. But what does irk me is those former fat folk who view their old bodies as disgusting. It's always been a bugbear of mine that when someone loses weight and they reflect on their previous form, they do it with such disgust, like they have become a much better person now they're thin, which in turn makes me think they must view my fat body with the same level of disgust and hatred. 

Am I being paranoid? Does this speak volumes about my relationship with my body? Why should I care what they think if I'm so confident about my body? Well the fact of the matter is, there will always be a part of me that isn't confident, and a part of me that knows as a fat woman every time I step out in public people are making judgements about me and my lifestyle based solely on my physical appearance. As time has passed and my confidence has grown, this means less and less to me and upsets me less than it did before, but a part of me will always be that insecure fat girl who constantly dressed in black, couldn't eat in public for fear of verbal abuse and would do anything possible to fade into the background. 

Hi, I'm fat. What's wrong with that?

My fat has shaped my life, it has placed me in dangerous situations, as a teenager I was bullied because of it, I have been sexually abused by men who thought I would be grateful for the attention because I wouldn't get it elsewhere, I have been verbally abused in public, I have suffered from eating disorders and taken the most drastic steps possible in the pursuit of thin. I cannot begin to tell you how much I understand the desperate need to lose weight and be thin, because lets face it, being a fat woman is not easy, its scary and society will have you believe, the worst thing you could possibly be. But for me personally after years of dieting and eating disorders, I have made the decision to stop putting my body and mind through the constant torture, I've come to the conclusion that being fat isn't all that terrible, and that I can live a full, happy and rich life at any size. 

Before I embarked on this blog, or started using social media, I didn't know what a trigger warning was, I didn't understand the politics of fat and I thought that being thin was the only way I could make a valid contribution to the world. So what I say is, be proud of who you are, at any size, but don't forget there are folk out there who fight battles everyday and a constant barrage of weightloss pics and comparisons to your former self aren't always helpful. By all means, be proud of your achievement sure, but its not the sum of your parts, and repeated pics of your fantastic new body and your disgusting old fat one only serve to make you feel better about yourself.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cape - On!

I quite like a good cape, I love swooshing round town as some chunky superhero come Sherlock Holmes. 

This beaut from Excite is no exception! With 5 different colour-ways and priced at just £18.99 these are great value for money and a fun way to stay toasty this winter!!! 

I have no idea what I'm doing...

The Cape is made of a fleece, but its quite a close knit, so it feels really substantial but still has that softness. It really is just a huge blanket, which is majorly fine by me!! The sleeves are sewn in, so it does have some structure and the faux fur collar just adds to the overall snuggly-ness. (I know, my vocabulary is astounding tonight folks!)

The sizing is super generous, so if you prefer a closer fit, go down a couple of sizes, which means, for those of you over a size 26 (the biggest this garment goes up to) I'd say it would accommodate up to a 30 easily.  

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**This item was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are however my very own!!**

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Double bubble - bobble

I think we can safely say its jumper weather, I'm more than a little bit chilly, so armed with my F+F Clothing voucher from the Plus North goodie bags I hit the website with the sole aim to pick up some winter woollies.

You'll be glad to hear I managed to stick to my aim... I know right?! Yey me! I picked up two of these fab bobble jumpers one in black and one in the gorgeous burgundy below...

Jumper - Clothing at Tesco// Jeggings - JUNAROSE// Shoes - Truffle via eBay

The jumper is so snuggly and lovely, I fell in love instantly and didn't want to take it off! The zip detailing to the sides is perfect and the length is great for wearing with leggings or jeans. I do, however, have one massive bug bear regarding this jumper. It only goes up to a size 20. Now, I just about managed to squeeze my size 22 ass in to it, but I do wish these brands would, not just F+F, but anyone who has a separate plus range, extend great pieces like this into the their plus range. 

I know, this is something we've been literally screaming for years, but sometimes I feel like these brands need reminding of the fact that all we want is the same as everyone else. It's not hard, or difficult, the plus size woman isn't a different breed, we just want the same choices afforded to our slimmer counterparts.  

Rant over I promise (for now)! On another note, I was completely loving my nail varnish, big ring, jumper combo today. Nice right? 

Briefly back to my rant though, I was wondering, if you could pick a straight size brand online or high street to do plus size who would it be?  

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Saturday, 19 October 2013


Ahh I bet you've missed my oh so clever play on words? It's been a while huh?!

As you might have guessed I'm talking about glasses today. After a recent eye test I've found out I have to wear prescription glasses pretty much most of the time now, so I was extatic when I got the chance to work with Specspost.

I was sent three pairs to try out and this is where you come in. I need you to help me choose! 

Pair one...

These felt really comfortable on, I really like the red gradient, and the shape... You can read about them here...

Pair two...

Sadly these felt a little small on my head so I wouldn't be comfortable with these, but thought I'd show them to you for educational purposes!! The details of these glasses are here...

Pair three...

And finally... these fab yellow frames are quite similar in shape and comfort to the first ones, and I think that is where the dilemma lies!! So can you help me guys? 

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