Sunday, 29 September 2013

Live Unlimited: Blogger Event

On Thursday I had the pleasure of heading down to London for a little shindig at Live Unlimited HQ, based in Camden a gang of blogging babes were welcomed into a small but perfectly formed conference/showroom area within the offices, filled with rails of beautiful Live Unlimited clothing, nibbles and drinks!

From the off we were told the purpose of the day was to view the collection and talk about what we liked what we didn't like. The team were eager to hear our views, talk about where we shop, what we look for when purchasing clothes and our honest opinions on the brand. 

What always stands out for me with Live Unlimited is the quality of fabric, attention to detail and wearability. Its classic styling with a fashion edge means it can appeal to wide audience. I always find their sizing spot on too which when you're having to order online (as I don't live near and Evans that stocks LU) is a big relief! Theres no denying LU has quite a grown up feel about it, for me its the Wallis of the plus size market, amazing prints, easy to wear shapes, effortless chic. 

Much chatter ensued and we had such a great time talking at length with team about the brand, its direction, the technology involved and design process. With the first part of the AW range released today on the Evans website it really is worth checking out Live Unlimited if you haven't before, if cool, chic and edgy is your kind of thing, I think you're going to love it!

and finally, what does one wear to such a shindig? well I too tried to go for chic and effortless, I don't know gang, did I pull it off?

 I wore: Aubergine Top - Next// Necklace - Topshop// Heart Print Trousers - ASOS Curve// Satchel - ASOS (similar)// Pointed Court Shoes - Clarks (similar) 

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Good things come to those who.... damn hard!!

I'll not beat about the bush (ooh err) or give you a big sob story, this is purely for the purpose of canvassing votes. You may or may not know that I and Plus North have been nominated for 3 awards, personally for best blog and for the event along with Toni, Best Event and Best Achievement. It would mean the world to us if you could take 5 minutes to vote.  

Votes close in a matter of days so, if you like what I do here, then, please, please vote for The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe and if you have attended one of our events and enjoyed yourself, please vote for Plus North for Best Event. I truly 100% believe we deserve that one if nothing else. Toni and I work our socks off on top of full time jobs, babies, blogs etc to make the event a welcoming, fun and inspiring day. 

What was that I said about no sob stories? Sorry chaps. Anyway, if you want to, and feel moved to, please click on the pic above and cast your vote. Thanking you in advance and loving you muchly.

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Friday, 27 September 2013

We like to party....

So, as promised I said I'd blog the evening portion of Plus North. Let me get one thing out of the way, due to a miscommunication with the hotel sadly some elements of the evening i.e. the food and bar, were, well, a bit crappy and trust me no one was more disappointed and annoyed than Toni and I.

But, what we did have was a fantastic live performance from the lovely Rosie O'Sullivan, a bodacious catwalk full of my favourite babes, and a ridiculous crazy dance/karaoke marathon. Every single guest, despite the bar/food hiccup made the night one of the funniest I've had in a very long while and for that, I thank every single one of you.

I had the honour of walking the exclusive Scarlett and Jo Catwalk in a complete stunner of a dress, that everyone kept oohing and ahhing over!

Photos courtesy of Nicky Rockets

After my little turn on the catwalk, I did a quick change onto my party outfit, sadly it wasn't what I had planned due to some sizing issues so the lovely guys at Scarlett and Jo came to my rescue and loaned me a shorter version similar to the dress I'd modelled..

Both are a sumptuous stretch velvet which came in handy when I was having my mad dancing session believe me!! The dresses are, as we've come to expect from Scarlett & Jo exceptional quality, well made and cut wonderfully and should be available on the Evans site in the next month or so.

The owner of Coppernob the firm that created Scarlett & Jo always comments on how I'm casual MrsBeBe and never get dressed up, so here you Gifi, I hope I did you proud my love!! 

The night despite its hiccup was fantastic, a huge thank you to Scarlett & Jo, our gorgeous models, the super talented Rosie O'Sullivan and our fab DJ Mike who was such a laugh and kept the party rocking!! 

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

OOTD: Swinging leopard...

I think this is one of those dresses you're going to see pop up on a load of plus size blogs, the bold print, easy swing style and comfy jersey is a bit of winner to be honest...

Well you can't accuse me of not taking scenic photographs, look at that beautiful pallet truck whizzing by in the background...

And look at those recycling boxes, I sure know how to spoil my readers huh? Theres not a whole busting lot I can say about the dress, other than its purrrrrty and its true to size, could probably size down to be honest! I can't wait to see this on all the other blogging babes, I think its going to be a popular one! You can see it here on the ASOS site...

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Me, myself and I...

This week the internet was a flurry with the news of Asda & Tesco amongst others selling Halloween costumes depicting a blood spattered, axe wielding, wild haired chap entitled "mental patient", so why the uproar?

Well, if you've ever suffered from any form of mental illness you'll know that in most cases the last thing you've wanted to do is harm anyone, least of all murder. In most cases the person on the receiving end of mental illness is you yourself. The periods of darkness, self loathing, sometimes self harming, tears, anger and despair.

Some folk see it all as a massive overreaction, political correctness gone mad, but what those people have to realise that every day someone, somewhere is experiencing persecution because of their illness. An employer who overlooks the "crazy" one for a promotion, a teenager going through hell and being brushed aside as "hormones", an elderly lady confused and scared by a world she doesn't understand being talked about behind her back on the bus.

By marketing these costumes as "mental patient" Asda et al are upholding the stigma attached to mental health sufferers, portraying us as unhinged, murderous crazies escaped from the asylum. Truth is guys, a "crazy" lurks among us at every turn, your university lecturer, checkout operator, lawyer, receptionist. Living with mental health issues is difficult, scary and sometimes fatal, it shakes your entire world, beliefs and everything you thought you knew and trusted. But with the help of medicine, therapy, exercise, and sometimes, even a chocolate bar and a bath, whatever works for you, elevates your pain, then us crazies are quite capable of waking amongst the "normals" have careers, families and live just like you.

So next time you think a costume is just funny, a joke, think about the person sat next to you, they might not find it so funny...

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


My second review this week comes from relatively new brand Grace UK, when the guys at Grace approached me, I'll be completely honest, I was a little apprehensive, the ethos behind the brand is that of shape dressing, flattering lines etc. Now you all know, I'm one for chucking on what makes you feel great, regardless of your shape and I don't like to be dictated too by rules... but what I have to keep reminding myself of, is that not everyone is as confident as me, and some people might need a guiding hand when it comes to making fashion choices. I just want each and every one of you to feel great about what you're wearing and yourself when you walk out the door, so if companies like Grace help you do that, then hooray!

The site has a shape calculator, whereby you enter bust, waist and hip measurements. They calculate your shape and show you suggestions of which dresses will look great on you. Want to hear something funny? I didn't fit on the shape calculator, my measurements didn't fit into any of the categories. Trust me, completely awkward in every way!

After speaking with the lovely Sarah at Grace, we decided I was a few inches short of a triangle (hip heavy, thats me!) after looking at my options I decided to go with the Marilyn dress...

A simple black empire line dress, the Marilyn is a beautifully made dress, the stretch fabric is soft and hangs perfectly. The metal embellishment to the neck line is stunning, it's really chunky and substantial and turns a relatively simple dress into something special.

The minute I put this dress on Michael got his flirty dirty head on, so it obviously appeals to the chaps if thats what you're aiming for. On a personal note I felt really beautiful in it, the fit was great and I felt very pretty in it. I even did a twirl...

I know, what a tit! Point is, its a twirly, whirly girly dress and if you are lacking in confidence, this baby will make you feel great.

I'm wearing the 24, I found it fitted better across my bust (the 22, fitted, but was snug).

The collection is still quite small, but there are some great dresses including the Kelly which I'd personally like to rename the Tina because it reminds me of the fringed dress in the Tina Turner bio which she wears when dancing like a crazy woman to Proud Mary. 

Check out the full line here...

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cut a rug, read a book...

Today was my first Tuesday in at uni, I'd missed the first 2 due to Scotland and London gallivanting. I was a little apprehensive about it if I'm honest. Not only had I missed the lectures, but the content of them are the ones furthest out of my comfort zone, the creative writing side of the degree scares me a little, I don't have the greatest of imaginations, and I'm worried everything I write is going to be a pile of turd, but, I'm excited for the challenge too, and who knows, maybe theres a novelist lurking in the depths of my brain?

So anyway, clothes is what I'm here to talk about! I ordered this cardigan from New Look last week, its from the Samya label, available on the inspire section. Its really soft and comfortable, great just to chuck on over leggings, jeans or even a dress. 

I love the pattern, and admittedly, I look like I've just lobbed a rug over my shoulders, but a pretty stylish rug you'll agree!!

What a knob....

Perfect for a hard day tackling intellectual issues, and speaking of which, to aid my studies, I've got to start reading again, get my brain ticking and find pleasure in books, so, do you have any suggestions? Bearing in mind when it comes to books, I like nothing more that a gritty crime novel based in 60s gangland London or frothy chick-lit about some hapless posh bint running around the English countryside in pursuit of some idiot block with floppy hair. So nothing to hard going or in-depth please, I'm a simple soul.

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Give it some welly...

Hey guys! So, as promised normal service has now resumed and I'm kicking this week off with something I probably should have taken on my very rainy holiday last week, thats right, wellies.

I was very kindly sent some ankle wellies from the guys at WedgeWelly, thats right wellies with wedges folks! 

I was sent the Man Eater Chelsea, a really cute ankle style boot in a croc style design with an elastic panel to the side. 

 My first impression was "ooooh", descriptive huh? but really, I slipped my foot in and they were just so comfortable, I felt really supported. I've been having some problems with my feet of late and I really did do a little "ooooh".

Dress - ASOS Curve// Tights - Marks and Spencer// Wellies - WedgeWelly

I know, I look like a right fool, but hey, you wouldn't have me any other way. 

The attention to detail on these boots is so great, and them being an ankle boot you can avoid the whole calf fitting issue. I'm not saying these are full on, country pursuit kind of boots, but they are great for rainy days, running errands, dropping the kids off at school type days. They are stylish enough that they don't stick out like a sore thumb and as mentioned, they really do have the "ooooh" comfort factor!!

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