Thursday, 27 June 2013

OOTD: Racey Lacey

So you might have seen a little glimpse of this maxi in my weekend catch up post, I had a little splurge courtesy of my mum at Simply Be and picked up this gorgeous maxi in the flash sale they held last week.

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It's a bit gorgeous isn't it? The lace just makes this dress and the vibrant paisley is so nice. I ordered the 22 and found it true to size. I was pleasantly surprised that this was a jersey, I hadn't thought to read the description to be honest and was just expecting a cotton, so it was really nice to find it was lightweight and stretchy!

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I added a leather tie belt but it looked fab as it was, simple black sandals and pretty earrings...

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The dress briefly went back up to full price but is now back in the sale for only £18.50. Details are here

It's a really great dress, and definitely worth snapping up in the sale!

Groovy Cable..

When an email falls into your inbox entitled "groovy cable" you can't help but open it up straight away out of interest. I'm a bit of a gadget freak, I mean not crazy or anything, but I've always liked computers, games consoles and gadgetry. 

This multi-way data cable charges 3 different devices at once with an Apple Lightning, Micro USB and an Apple 30 pin (that when reversed also does Samsung Galaxy Tab). 

Although the cable is a rather short, I think it would be great for travel. As I have to travel a lot for Plus North and blogger events it would be great just to pack the one cable, plug it into the bedside cabinet in the hotel and be able to charge up my iPhone and iPad at the same time. It's also really handy for Michael and I as he has the iPhone 4 and I have the 5. 

As mentioned I think the only thing I would change about this cable is the length, but apart from that I can see it being really handy!!

There is a really great selection of data cables and other accessories over at Mobile Fun.. Click here to see the range... 

**This item was sent to me for review. All opinions and views are my own**

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Holiday Wishlist..

Hello! I'm hoping, fingers crossed, after the madness of Plus North and before uni starts, to get away for a week or two. So the optimist in me can't help but look and dream of holiday clothes! I like to choose versatile pieces when travelling abroad so I can (try to! ha ha) pack light and so I don't have to think about doing any washing whilst I'm away too.  

Today I'm taking a look at New Look and their plus size clothing range Inspire. 

Black Elephant Playsuit - £22.99
This is so sweet. I think it would be great for the hot evenings with a chunky pair of heels and tanned legs. I love the elephant print and it has a really nice cut out strap detail to the back. A tan leather belt and lots of bangles would look great with this. 

Blue Floral Bandeau Maxi - £22.99

I love a good maxi and this one is a really versatile holiday piece, something can easily be worn day or night. Nice and easy to slip over your swimsuit for lunch or shopping in the day, or change up the accessories and add some wedges for an evening out.

Light Blue Sleeveless Denim Shirt - £22.99

I thought this would be great as it could be worn with some patterned peg leg trousers, tucked into a pretty floral skirt or worn open and tied at the waist over a maxi dress. really versatile and keeps the shoulders covered if you're out and about for the day.

Tiered Floral Chiffon Maxi Skirt - £19.99
I'm not normally a fan of tiered dresses and skirts, but this really caught my eye, I love the sheer look mixed with the pretty floral print, I can just see me swishing around in this of an evening! I think I'd have to keep it simple on top with a plain vest or crop top.

So there's some of my favourite bits from the New Look website at the moment, there are some really great pieces on there at the moment too, so it wasn't easy picking just these!

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OOTD: Grey day no more!

Apologies to your purses in advance because if you didn't know already there's a sale on at ASOS and there's some beauts on there. I was actually quite restrained and just ordered a couple of bits including this grey marl loose fit top...

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I just love the tulip cut to the front, it's so comfy casual but with an edge, I can see me dressing this up too with wet look leggings and heels, it's kind of laid back sexy... I like it!

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Ha sorry about that one, Michael was making me laugh, but thought I'd leave it in. This is another one of my uniform type outfits, I have to run to the post office most days to post out orders for Clumsy Pickle and pick Poppy up from school so outfits like this just make sense in my life!

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Have you picked any thing up from the sale?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekend Catch Up...

I don't do these catch up posts very often, but I've been really busy and feel like I haven't said hello properly this week.. So hello, I hope you're all well and are enjoying what's left of the weekend!

At the moment not a week goes by where Toni and I aren't doing something Plus North related, from the small admin tasks to working with our brands to ensure this years event is even better than last year. Along with that I've been writing articles and pitching ideas for Curvaceous Inc and SLiNK Magazine
With me starting Uni in September I'm trying to do lots writing so I can get myself into that frame of mind,  plus it's great experience too! 

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So this week apart from being crazy busy was OMCZ week, I love these challenges, and seeing what all the other girls have gotten up to with theirs. This fortnight was "movie character", you can read who I chose here.. 

I also unearthed a treasure in my wardrobe, I'd totally forget about my flamingo shirt, so when I was looking for something loose and cool to wear with my jeans the other day I was so happy to have dug this out! 

I had a bash at nail art this week too, I love painting my nails it's one of life's little luxuries, I try to take the time to do them every other night. It's really relaxing after a day running round after Pops, plus I always feel more put together when I have my nails painted! Its nothing skilled or amazing but by stippling the silver over the mint it totally changed the look!

I was lucky enough to win a £100 voucher from plus size executive wear brand Dea London a few weeks ago, as I don't do "executive" very often nowadays, I chose this lovely plum dress which I felt was quite versatile and could be incorporated into my everyday wardrobe. I'll blog it once I've worn it but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek...

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Also this week my lovely mamma let me loose with her Simply Be account (big mistake) so I ordered a few bits and had a trying on sesh...

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The two maxi dresses I instantly fell in love with. The jeans were great but within about 5 minutes I realised that they would be too big after a days wear, so ideally I could have done with sizing down, but the 20 was sold out, so my hunt for the perfect jeans continues! And the military dress? Nah just wasn't for me, didn't blow me away really.

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Staying with the theme of exciting packages, the first lot of prizes for BeBe's Big Birthday Giveaway are starting to arrive including these 2 from the lovely Alyssa at Twisted Siren, I'm so excited for July, I love my blog and you lot so much I just wanted to celebrate that, so I'm going to try and do a giveaway every single day, I'm a couple shy of the whole month, but leave it with me, I'm trying my hardest to secure 31 prizes! 

Yet another exciting parcel, the lovely, lovely Rebs sent me this cute package as she knew I was feeling a bit down, I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have made friendships through twitter and blogging, it really warms my heart!

And with the weather taking a turn for the worst I dug out my lovely ASOS woodland creature peplum and teamed it with my leopard print pumps, aaaaand finally (phew! I bet you're glad!) I popped to a carboot sale this morning, it was very wet and windy so sadly there was a grand total of about 5 stalls but I picked up this lovely brooch and ring for the grand total of 50p so it was worth walking round the field I think!!

So there you have it, that's what I've been up to. What about you guys? Pick up any bargains? Buy anything pretty or just had something lovely happen? Tell me, lets focus on the good things hey? 


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Trail Blazer

Howdy peeps, grey and dismal oop norf, how about you? Rewind back to Sunday and its a very different story, it was Father's Day here in the UK (I'm not sure about the US as I know your Mother's Day falls different to ours) I took my two father folk out for lunch. My actual dad and the father of my child the rather lovely hubs Michael.

We visited our local sushi restaurant, somewhere Michael and I love, and I thought it would be an experience for my folks and for Poppy.

The guys at Curvissa had sent me this gorgeous striped blazer the day before actually so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to road test it. A relaxed lunch and a sunny-ish day.

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I'd been lusting after this blazer for ages so I was really chuffed when I was sent it. It's totally not what I expected, I thought it would be a structured jacket made from a thick canvas type material, but it is in fact a heavy jersey which for me is actually a million times better. It's more comfortable and versatile in this fabric.

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I teamed it with a simple white vest and rolled up jeans. A kind of look I keep repeating (sorry for being a clothes bore) but it really is so easy to wear! I accessorised with a vintage handbag and leopard print sandals.

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We had a really lovely lunch, so tasty and the old fogies enjoyed trying something a bit different! And finally Michael caught me off guard. A rare laughing shot... See I do smile sometimes!

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

OMCZ Challenge 9

Ooh I'd totally forgot about this fortnight a challenge until Rachel posted hers this morning, then when remembered which one it was I got quite excited. For this challenge we had to emulate a movie character. A few weeks ago I took a picture and joked that my fuzzy flat hair before styling was reminiscent of Demi Moore circa 1990, so, that's what I thought I'd do!

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Demi's tomboyish look in this film is right up my street. Buttoned up shirts, grey marl, oversized cardis and of course dungarees...

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You can't really see them in this shot, and I looked everywhere for a full length shot of her in this outfit, but I couldn't find one, but hey, here's a gratuitous Patrick shot for your viewing pleasure. When we did this challenge as part of five take I wore a floaty dress that reminded me of the dress that Jennifer Grey wore at the end of the film, so I obviously have some burning desire to star next to the beautiful Patrick. *gets a bit tears over his beauty* man he was so fricking hot, I don't normally go for obvious hunky pretty boys, but he just had this air about him so sexy.

So anyway I'll stop drooling over Swayze and show you how I recreated the Demi look...

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I wore my grey marl tshirt from H&M and ASOS Curve dungarees in homage to Demi's laid back cuteness, I brushed my hair forward a little more than normal and donned the most 80/90's looking shoes I own! I didn't want it to look like fancy dress so I didn't go over board with the styling.

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I hope I did her justice, cos she's an absolute babe! Lets bask in her babeliness...

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I don't know about you but I'm excited to see what everyone else came up with!!

Make me a model!


Now I'm aware at 33 years old, and a size 22 I'm never going to be a model, hell I'm never going to be a plus size model, but it would be nice for just one day to play at being a cover girl. Evolve magazine have just launched a competition for such an opportunity, so I thought I'd give it a bash!

If you think my face isn't too repulsive and think I'd make a cute cover girl then click the link and like my pic, I'd be forever appreciative and a very happy chubby bunny. I'm not good at the old self promotion, and some model chick had already got nearly 1000 likes so I'm aware I'm probably flogging a slightly dead 33 year old horse, but hey it's worth a go, no? 

So if you could be so kind to click here... and like my pic, I'd be forever indebted to you!

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All together now... "I'm a model, you know what I mean, and I shake my little tush on the catwalk...."

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

OOTD: Ruffling feathers..

Hello! A couple of months back the lovely guys at Live Unlimited sent me some pieces from their gorgeous collection, including this top I blogged a while back...

They also sent me this beautiful blue feather print top. 

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This isn't something I would have instantly picked for myself, but oh my goodness, it's so beautiful and looks so much better on than on the hanger too. The soft silky material feels really special and the vibrant colour is just gorgeous.

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As it happened about 5 minutes after taking these pics the heavens opened and a full on storm happened so I quickly changed my sandals for biker boots and popped on a jacket, so it's definitely workable for all weathers and I think it would look gorgeous with some wet look/leather look leggings and heels for a night out too! 

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I love the detailing to the back they say the print fades out the the cute fishtail which dips down at the back. I'm not sure on sizing as this was a sample and didn't have a size in it. I presume it's a 22 in which case the fit is perfect! But it might be worth trying on or ordering 2 sizes as there is no stretch to the material.

What's stood out from the pieces I've tried out from this collection is the outstanding quality and attention to detail. They are quite "grown up" but not frumpy which I love!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Just Fab - New Bag!

For easily the last 6 months or more, I've been on the hunt for a great black bag, big enough for my junk, phone, purse, baby wipes, sunglasses, etc etc etc... I've been making do with the most ginormous bag I bought from Primark. I was desperate for a bag to take on a trip to London, so I rushed into Primark and bought it in haste. Turned out it was so impractical for travelling, crowded trains and tubes do not mix well with a bag the size of a small house. So I'd been stalking eBay, looking at sales on line, umming and ahhing as to whether I could even afford a bag at the moment, when last week I popped into Primark again and picked up a really cute bag, it still wasn't perfect but a vast improvement on the giant bag. A couple of days later I was on twitter when I saw that Just Fab had launched in the UK. I was only aware of the brand because I'm a complete sucker for those kind of E! shows like the Kardashians etc and namely Kimora Lee Simmons, I used to love Life in the Fab Lane so when I saw Kimora: House of Fab was airing I knew I had to get my fix!

Everything on the site is £35 inc P&P which isn't too bad for shoes and bags, but as things are at the moment, it was still a little our of my budget, but then I saw that your first order is half price. I spotted the now sold out Tour De Force and fell in love. The size, simple style and cute finishes were perfect for what I needed. So I returned my Primark bag and ordered this baby...

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I gave my beautiful new bag it's first outing on Saturday when I helped Michael out at a fair selling our Clumsy Pickle wares...

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I knew we'd be say for the most part of the day so I wore my ASOS peg leg trousers with my ASOS swing dress tucked in the front, comfy, soft jersey loveliness! 

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I can safely say I'm rather chuffed with my new bag, it's just everything I could have wanted in a bag! Thanks Kimora ;) 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Prodigy Red Review

Hey! So I was contacted by Prodigy Red a while back to see if I'd like to review something from their plus size range. At the moment the range is small and consists mainly of basics, but at super purse friendly prices that's nothing to complain about.

I chose a simple black jersey midi dress with cap sleeves.

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I guess there's not an awful lot I can say about this dress, I mean lets face it it's a plain black jersey dress, but it was a lovely soft jersey, relatively thin, but not bad quality. I'm really interested to see if they intend on growing the range or adding a wider range of basics at least, because I don't know about you but items like this are the back bone of my wardrobe, they're easy to dress up or down and with the addition of bright accessories make a simple but chic outfit.

And of course, I thought I'd get a butt shot in for good measure...

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You can check out the full plus size range at Prodigy Red right here!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Lady Soma Skincare...

Hello! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I was very kindly sent some skin care products from US range Lady Soma. Lady Soma is an all natural, healthy and holistic range of Skincare supplements, based in New York they ship world wide.

I was sent three products from the range....

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The Antioxidant Berry Masque, Renewal Serum and Lady Mint Tingle Lip Balm.

First off, the lip balm is really nice, feels great on and isn't greasy and really does what it says on the tin, it tingles, which is lovely.

Secondly the Berry Masque. I was excited to try the masque as I very rarely take the time to do any sort of pampering nowadays so it was nice that because I had been very kindly sent these products to review it was an enforced moment of self care! The masque has a lovely berry scent with a grainy texture. Following the instructions I applied it for the designated time and washed it off with warm water. Sadly it left my skin a bit red and itchy, as with most skin care it's just not going to work for everyone's skin and for me, this didn't work. When I mentioned this to the lovely Stacey at Lady Soma she did advise that this is a strong product and some people will have a reaction to it. I think I'll try it again, just to see how I react this time.

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Lastly was the renewal serum, which came in a pump action bottle. It's a thick, non greasy liquid that smells really fresh, quite herbal, it was lovely to apply and left my skin feeling smooth. I also had a burn on my hand at the time that was nearly healed, but I applied the serum to this which made it feel really nice and soothed the skin as it was tightening and healing.

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Overall I was really pleased with the range, despite the masque not working for my skin, the serum and lip balm are just lovely. You can see the rest of the range here...

Friday, 14 June 2013

Wonderful weekends..

There's nothing quite like heading off on a train, enjoying the scenery on the way, arriving in a stunning city on a lovely warm day to spend the afternoon with a bunch of fabulous women to swap and chat about clothes. Rather marvellous I think you'll agree?

Well that's exactly what I did last weekend, off I toddled to lovely Leeds for the Plus Size Clothes swap. Held every couple of months now at the Wharf Chambers, the event is great way to give your wardrobe a refresh without spending any money!

I only took a couple of bits with me this time as I had a case full of Plus North flyers, but I was lucky enough to pick up some lovely nail varnishes and the two dresses....

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The top one from ASOS I think started out as a playsuit but looks like it's been modified to be a tunic top which is fine by me! The bottom dress, still with taxes on is from South at Very and will look great in the autumn with thick tights and biker jacket.

As mentioned it was a hot day so I wore my lovely flowy maxi skirt from Simply Be, a vest top and cute sleeveless denim shirt from Primark.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

And whatever does a group of gorgeous chunky gals do after an afternoon of hardcore clothes swapping? Go and grab some grub of course!

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Thanks for the photo Lyndsey! X x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Flirty Shirty...

Hello! I was sent this shirt along with the paisley maxi and split maxi skirt for review. I chose this particular shirt because I wanted to try something really different. The print is a bit crackers, it's more the clashing colours, than the print itself which is is a pretty floral, but the bright greens, pinks, reds, yellows and blues make for a striking combo!

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The shirt is a lightweight slightly sheer polyester. I ordered the 22 which I found true to size, but if you are fuller in the belly area it might be worth sizing up as there is no stretch or give. 

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The shirt has a fab dip hem which adds a bit of interest. I wore it buttoned up with a spike necklace, turned up jeans and pumps for a casual look. I'm looking forward to wearing it under my dungarees and tucked into a high waisted skirt. 

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And check out the print close up!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I love the vintage feel of this shirt, it's like something my mum would have worn in the 70's but with updated dip hem style, it's a lovely modern take.

Thanks for another corker Simply Be!