Plus Size Party Wear - Part Three


So, after a brief casual interlude yesterday we're back to the PSPW (see what I did there?). Today's plus size party dress is from Yours Clothing. There's nothing that says festive more than sequins. When everything else is so twinkly you may as well join the party!! 

I know this doesn't look like a dress but it is! This gorgeous 2-in-1 dress has a cowl neck and a little bit of an open back too. Not so low that you see your bra, but just enough to flash a bit of your back. The fullness to the top section means you can wear a proper bra with it which is always nice! And the skirt section has a bit of stretch to it for comfort.  

I felt more than a bit minxy in this dress, it's a bit sexy and I loved it!! I think this would be the perfect New Years Eve dress. I just want to boogy all night and make sexy eyes at people when I wear it!!! Ha!! 

If you do head over to the Yours Clothing website don't forget to you enter BLOGGER13 at the checkout to get a whopping £10 off any spend over £20 (for new accounts only) I've been told it works on sale stuff too! Whoop! 

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  1. This is seriously beautiful on you!
    Gemma xx

  2. This is a beaut. I'm all about the glitter at Christmas!

  3. This is beautiful. I love the glittery sequined bottom.

  4. Roar … sexy lady. ;) Love the dress and how it suits you. Great outfit.

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  5. The dress looks fabulous on you! I might have to purchase it very soon.. haha. Emma, xx

  6. Ooft, that is a sexy dress! Holy hotness. x x

  7. Sex on legs! That is definitely a perfect new years eve dress! xx

  8. Such a gorgeous dress, a real confidence booster! x x

  9. THANKS, for allowing me to wear this wonderful piece of self-confidence and sexy... zsa,zsa,zsu!!!

  10. Amazing Bras! Looks Good And Feel Great! I like Bra's which are both Pretty and Supportive. Thanks for sharing this with us. I was looking for some sexy plus size bra sets which will also looks pretty and sexy as shown above. Suggest me something.


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