OOTD: Baby it's cold outside...


Cold enough for you gang? Yeh thought so! So you might know I do not like the cold. I don't like snow and I don't like being cold. I think I may have found something though, that makes me feel a little better about winter.

When I went down to London to help out at the SLiNK Boutique pop-up shop I went out and did a bit of flyering, and not one to miss an opportunity, Rivkie dressed me up in one of SLiNK's fab parka's as a walking advertisement! I can honestly say I have not known warmth like it, but not in a sweaty rain coat kinda way, but in a snug, windproof cocooned kinda way. Safe to say I fell in love with said coat, but at £395 it was always going to be out of my budget. So I said a sad goodbye to the coat and went on my merry way. 

Little did I know that by the end of that week I'd be working as the social media manager for SLiNK Boutique and that I would be lucky enough to receive a very generous staff discount. So what did I buy…?

Oh yeh, you betcha! Now I realise that for a lot of people £395 is completely out of their budget, but if you do in fact have that kind of disposable income and are looking for something pretty damn special, I cannot recommend this coat highly enough. Plus size designer fashion is pretty hard to come by, and to find garments of such a high quality in a size 16 and upwards is a rarity. And whilst most of us enjoy a bargain (I know I do) I think it's really exciting to know that those of you who are in a position to enjoy and afford the finer things in life have somewhere like SLiNK to spend our your earned cash. 

I wore: Parka - SLiNK Boutique// Dress - ASOS// Scarf - ASOS// Boots - Evans

SLiNK have a huge 20% off everything on the site at the moment, (just enter WINTER13 tag the checkout )so that would knock a whopping (near enough) £80 off this coat and with free UK shipping at the moment it's the perfect time to treat yourself! It's just one of those coats that is perfect for chucking on to walk the dogs, do the school run, but equally look fab over a cute floral dress for a cool fashion look. 

I'm wearing the size 22, it's perfectly true to size and fitted in all the right places so you avoid the michelin man look! It's filled with duck down which makes it light weight but oh so bloomin' warm. It really is love. 

Go and check out SLiNK's full plus size designer fashion range here...

The look of love….

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  1. I cant even look at the coat... it looks sooooooo warm! It makes me cry that I will NEVER have the money to buy anything from SLiNK. Your dress however, I need to see more of it. With a link please

    1. They have stuff starting from £50 chick, and with 20% off thats £40, but yeh, it's at gals with a tonne more dish than us!! The link for the dress is under the second pic, I'll blog it properly another day, promise xx x

  2. That coat is a beaut, but as a bona fide scarf lover, I'm even more excited about your neck adornment. Weird, me? Why yes! :) x x

  3. The coat looks so warm and comfy, but definitely out of my budget. BUT I adore the scarf. It's so gorgeous. Maybe am as weird as Leah. :D

    ♡ Mel xoxo


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