Taking Shape - Part Two


So a week or so ago I showed you the first of my items from Taking Shape. I was also very kindly sent this Chiffon Tunic.

The tunic is, as mentioned chiffon and is completely sheer, which means its really versatile for layering up. Although I've just popped a black slip and some tights under mine, it would be really great over a long sleeved top, some leggings, that kind of thing.

The top is much longer on me than it appeared on the website and the hem seems to be a lot longer on the sides than in the website pics but I think it looks great worn as a dress. 

I was sent the 22 and it's very generous, so I might suggest sizing down. The fabric is beautiful and the garment is very well made. I think, like the tunic blouse I reviewed last week, this would also make a great beach cover up (albeit a very posh one!)

I think for me, what I like the most about Taking Shape is the quality and attention to detail. I'd like to see some younger pieces in the collection but there are some great all rounder garments in there!

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  1. Ooh, that is gorgeous! I'd venture forth and buy it since it's oversized if the price wasn't so ouch-inducing (even with the 30% off.) Never mind, I shall just live vicariously through you. :) x x

  2. I love pieces like that, something versatile that you can wear many ways and change up to look different.

  3. First: Sorry for my english, i am from germany and i love your haircut. And now you have a hairstyle twin here!!!
    Your Blog is very great :-)

  4. Love that tunic. Like Vicky said, it's so versatile. Seems that this could be a "must have" for my wardrobe. ♡

    ♡ Mel xoxo


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