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Well here's me pissing and moaning yesterday, when in fact I have an awful lot to be grateful for and I do really know that, I just think losing out on stuff can make you think and analyse stuff. And if you're anything like me you over analyse, play stuff over and over again in your head and get yourself in a right tizz. So no more!!!

One of said things to be grateful for happened a couple of weeks ago. I was invited to London for a photoshoot with Reveal magazine

1 in 6 women refuse to let their partners see them naked, so myself and 3 other gorgeous girlies went to Reveal HQ to have a chat all about that… Can you guess what my stance was?

And yes, thats me in my pants…..

If you fancy having a read you can download Reveal from the app store for iPhone/iPad right now or you can buy the print edition tomorrow… Exciting huh? (Well actually it was terrifying, being half naked in front of your partner is something very different to getting your kit off in a studio and knowing it's going to be in print, but was fun all the same!!) 

I just wanted to extend a huge thanks to Reveal Magazine too, Su and the gang took such good care of us, made us feel so welcome and comfortable and I got to meet a really lovely bunch of ladies <3

And yes, I'm a knob…

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  1. How fun!! You look amazing! xx

  2. You look amazing Bebes! Well done you. x x

  3. You better do the damned thing missy! YESSS

  4. You look wonderful! Good on you xxx

  5. You are amazing! I agree getting naked at home in front of your partner is one thing, but not sure I could get me kit off in a studio. Love the purple thingy you are wearing though, where is it from?

  6. Becky you look amazing, super woman and sexy in purple!xx

  7. You look amazeballs! Can't wait to read the article! x


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