AX Paris: Big Heart Knit Jumper


For my AX Paris choice this month I decided to go for something quite casual. It's absolutely bitter here at the moment, so what better than a cosy knit?

I appears I was having a grumpy day on these pics. I assure you I wasn't, have no idea why it comes across like that!!! 

I ordered the jumper in the 24/26 to ensure it looked nice and loose. I like my jumpers to be voluminous, wether that be chunky wise or in this case size wise. 

The jumper is a fine knit, its very soft without being itchy and the cut is quite boxy, which I love. It's a really simple outfit, but the jumper is such a cute piece in it's own right I didn't feel the need to dress it up too much. It's just one of those easy to wear, effortless chic kinda outfits, (or at least it is in my head!) 

Because it's a fine knit, it actually feels quite sexy in a snuggly but slinky way! Another winner from AX Paris! 

 photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

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  1. Oh, I just love this jumper! I want one - I hope they ship to the U.S.?!


  2. This is so cute and looks so comfy-cozy at the same time. The oversize sweater with the destroyed jeans is a great combo of relaxed and stylish. Love it!


  3. Oh! That jumper just looks so comfy!


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