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I don't do wishlist posts very often, but sat here on the sofa, bundled up in a blanket with snot and sneezes galore I thought I might indulge as a means to cheer me up and maybe inspire you!!

First up is this cute tunic dress from Scarlett and Jo, I just love the crochet detailing to the neck and the deep sumptuous blue, its so sweet! I of course would spoil that by wearing it with massive clumpy boots because we all know its very rare I dress like a lady!!

Next up, and sticking with Evans brands is this gorgeous top from Live Unlimited. When I went to see the Live Unlimited ladies last week I got to try this on and it took all my might not walk out with this on. Its just so laid back yet chic I know I'd wear the hell out of it!

Over to New Look for my next choice, and this simple green wrap top. I'm a huge fan of green clothing, but I just don't seem to see much of it, so when I saw this I did a little squeee!

Oh its all been a little grown up so far hasn't it? Well this should redress the balance then...

This cute pinafore from Alice & You for ASOS Curve is most ridiculous bearing in mind I can remember wearing the tartan trend to death in the 90s but still I want ALL the tartan, I don't know, maybe its my Scottish heritage, maybe its a desperate attempt to cling on to my youth, but either way I love it! 

Sticking with ASOS and back to a more grown up vibe this jacket is making me all a quiver...

I could go on forever, but for now I have curbed my shopping cravings! What have you got your eye on at the moment? Any gems I should know about?

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  1. I have the green top - I wore it to Plus London. Its lovely but you need a cami under it!


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