Ahh I bet you've missed my oh so clever play on words? It's been a while huh?!

As you might have guessed I'm talking about glasses today. After a recent eye test I've found out I have to wear prescription glasses pretty much most of the time now, so I was extatic when I got the chance to work with Specspost.

I was sent three pairs to try out and this is where you come in. I need you to help me choose! 

Pair one...

These felt really comfortable on, I really like the red gradient, and the shape... You can read about them here...

Pair two...

Sadly these felt a little small on my head so I wouldn't be comfortable with these, but thought I'd show them to you for educational purposes!! The details of these glasses are here...

Pair three...

And finally... these fab yellow frames are quite similar in shape and comfort to the first ones, and I think that is where the dilemma lies!! So can you help me guys? 

 photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

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  1. The last ones, the colours are perfect with you blonde hair! xx

  2. The first pair look perfect on you, definitely my favourite xx

  3. I'm liking the bottom pair best I think, although both 1 and 3 suit you! x

  4. its hard, cos they ALL suit you! x

  5. Think I like pair two. I've also just been told I have to wear glasses all the time. Trying to be glass half full about it...

  6. Arghh, I like both one and three on you! x

  7. I love the first pair especially and the last pair as a runner up. They look great on you.

    1. I have to wear glasses for reading all of the time now, so I'm always looking for cute frames. Need to make an eye appointment soon.

  8. The first pair! Love them. having said that.... I like the third pair a lot too.

  9. 3rd pair gets my vote, they all look great, but I like the lighter colour frames with your colouring. X

  10. Yellow! They're FAB! And such an in colour at the mo - you suit glasses so much! Fabbo fabbo fabbo! x


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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