If I was skinny....


- Ranty, sweary blog post to follow -

I'm ill gang, I'm full of cold and feeling sorry for myself so I spent some time scrolling through Pinterest, its my way of escaping, an endless stream of pretty pictures. One such picture caught my eye, a shot of a gorgeous pair of heavily patterned trousers, with the comment below "if I was skinny, I would wear these in a flash"...

... Now; you know where I'm going with this don't you? It makes me sad, it enrages me, it makes me want to grab the woman who wrote it and shake her. So today I ask of you, take a moment and think about all those things you're putting off. The items of clothing in your wardrobe that have hung there for 5 years because you're going to "slim into them", the family holiday you've been planning for the last year but can't go on until you're slim enough to wear a swimming costume. 

PUT THE BLOODY SWIMMING COSTUME ON!!! Buy the crazy as shit trousers, eat the slice of cake and stop being a miserable bastard. Life is far, far too short, perfectly healthy people die every day, wonderful people with a marvellous lives ahead of them. Don't keep a dress for best, don't put anything off because of your own hangups, most people couldn't give a shit that theres a fat bird in the swimming pool, and they are most definitely not looking at your trousers as you walk down the street and you know what? The small majority of people who do bully fat people are complete and utter idiots, if they weren't bullying you about your size, they'd be off ridiculing some kid with glasses because thats just the sort of people they are. 

I'm a dickhead, I care less nowadays...

Stop caring about what others think, wear something outrageous and stick 2 fingers up to the world. Say after me......Fat, fierce and fearless FOR LIFE.

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  1. I have a lump in my throat reading this. Over the past year, women like you have helped me to realise all of these things; now, I don't save dresses for best and I threw away all of the clothes I don't fit into anymore. I feel like a new person sometimes, thanks Becky and get well soon xxx

  2. Bloody love this post becky! You are so right, you can spend forever saying 'When I am thinner I'll do this and this' or you can live your life and be happy. You kicked off my body confidence journey with your blog and I don't even recognise the confident, colour wearing outgoing woman I am now. Only 9 months ago my entire wardrobe was black.... Spent too many years wishing, not enough living.

  3. Yes yes yes yes yes! Hell yes. Love this post and you. X

  4. Yes yes yes yes yes! Hell yes. Love this post and you. X

  5. Yes to this so many times! My life improved incredibly about ten years ago when I just said fuck it, I'm going to do what I like now rather than wait until I fit some bodily ideal (which will never happen). The nascent fat-o-sphere was very much responsible for this change in attitude.

    It makes me sad to see so many people who are still waiting to start their lives despite the fact that there is now plenty of pictorial evidence that fat people are out there living their lives FAT rather than waiting for something that is unlikely to happen.

  6. Yay! Fat, fierce, and fearless for life!
    I don't have the patience to wait to wear or do what I want. I want to wear horizontal stripes and sleeveless shirts now! And I do.

  7. here bloody here!! couldn't agree more. Its about time we started to love ourselves for who we are and how we look instead of wasting time wishing to be something or somebody else. Well done Becky, fab post!

  8. This is amazing. I may have shed a little tear.
    Life is too short, my Mum passed away at 48! 48!!!!! Its not enough time, don't waste it being afraid.

    Love you mrs xxx

  9. You are so right. I love that post and every word in it. Maybe a fatty has a lower life span, but this is nothing against those days, month, years, … we spend with thinking about what we can do when we are skinny. For me … it was 25–30 year. But from now, I'll enjoy the rest of my life!

    Oh … btw … this post is why I ♡ u!

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  10. Thank you everyone, every single one of you. I'm so glad you're all grabbing life by the you-know-whats and getting on with it x x x x


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