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So, you might remember a couple of months back I reviewed some shapewear from Frooty Lingerie, this time around they have very kindly sent me a bra to review. 

Frooty lingerie stock a great selection Curvy Kate with a whopping 30% off the retail price, so you can pick up a bargain. I have a confession to make, this is my very first Curvy Kate bra, I'll be completely honest, I'm not big into underwear full stop. I don't spend heaps on it and when I do, its always pretty functional (I know, sexual goddess or what?!)

This bra is in a similar vein really, its not masssively fancy, but its very pretty and so far on the days I've worn it, pretty comfortable (as comfortable as bras can be!).


As you can see it has a pretty criss-cross pattern to the top section. The central gore sits flat on my chest and everything is contained and in place!! I ordered the 38F which is the size I am in Panache bras, I wasn't sure how this would translate to Curvy Kate but in this particular style, I think the fit is pretty good.

As with most bras because my left boob is bigger than my right, there is a little bit of gaping on the smaller boob side, just because I don't fill it! 

Please excuse the messy ass bedroom!!

The bra has a 3 hook fastening to the back and sits really well, there was no rolling or riding up throughout the day. Overall I'm really pleased with my first Curvy Kate bra! Don't forget to check out Frooty Lingerie's selection of Curvy Kate and other lingerie, nightwear and accessories..

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  1. Thank you Mrs BeBe! We are glad you love your Curvy Kate bra set. Keep up the great blog posts, Love from the Frooty team x

  2. Pretty bra. Do they ship internationally?

  3. She looks like the girl from the big bang theory


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