Everyone's a winner baby!!!!



It's Sunday, I've just finished my first uni assignment and I'm in the mood to celebrate! Lets do a giveaway!!! Yeh baby!

So the lovely, lovely folk at Yours Clothing have sent me this fab jacket which could be all yours (ha get it?) 

This gorgeous Black PU Waterfall jacket is perfect for chucking over thick knits on chilly autumn days, and I have one in a 22/24 to giveaway. I have actually tried this jacket on and would say it fits more like a 24/26. 

Some of my favourite Yours outfits - Don't ask me why I'm dinky in the middle, some dodgy angle!! 

All you have to do is fill in the old rafllecopter thingy and bobs your attractive, leather-look jacket.... But hang on a minute, didn't I say everyones a winner? Ok so I might not have 100's of jackets to giveaway but what I do have £10 off orders over £20 (new customers only) when you enter the code BLOGGER13 So what are you waiting for?!! 

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