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Hello!! I've got a dress for you today from bonprix. I've always known about bonprix, in fact I think I've been receiving their newsletter for about 10 years, and have ordered a couple of bits over that time, but if I'm honest, I'm not a frequent customer of theirs. 

Keen to promote their plus size presence so-to-speak, bonprix were really excited to be part of Plus North this year and speak to you guys, which in my eyes is always a massively positive thing. The plus size market is a complex place and the more brands talk to the customer and more importantly, listen the better things will get in terms of clothing available to us.

Phew! Sorry that was a bit of an in-depth intro, but I just wanted to make it clear how much I love it when brands talk to us! So, in celebration of bonprix's new TV campaign, myself and 4 other gorgeous bloggers were sent this striped jersey midi dress and asked us to #WearItYourWay 

I decided to wear my dress with a clashing check print jacket, I love mixing stripes with different prints, I really like them with animal and florals too. I teamed it with my usual big necklace and chunky boots. I think in hindsight... and shock horror for me, a belt might have looked good with this, I just think because the jacket is oversized and ultimately quite shapeless the addition of a belt might have broken it up a little.

The dress itself, is the softest, slinkiest of materials, it just glided on and felt so great against my skin. I was sent the 22/24 and it was true to size and fitted well. the little zip detail to the shoulder gives it a high end feel and the midi length makes it versatile for dressing up or down. 

The dress priced at £34.99 is great value, and I'm saying that because of the fabric and the attention to detail. Had this been a standard striped jersey dress I may have said the price tag was a bit too high, but quality warrants the price on this occasion. The size range on this dress goes up to a 32 and also comes in emerald and purple options which is fantastic and with a huge portion of the womenswear section going up to a 32 bonprix are most definitely worth further investigation!

Check the other gorgeous gals taking part in #WeatItYourWay

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  1. I love how you have styled it and you manage to pull off the mixing of patterns. I have a fear of even trying yet... ;) Your boots are awesome. Where are they from?

    1. Always worth a try Anne-Lise! The boots are from Barratts but they are about a year old now, but theres loads of fab chelsea style boots around at the mo!! xx

  2. What a great autumn outfit, you look fab :) x

  3. I've never been a fan of striped clothing, but seeing how good you looked in this dress has made me seriously think about getting some striped pieces :D

    1. Go for it Marion! Don't fear the stripe! lol x x

  4. I love striped clothing and I have a dress similar to this that I bought from Eloquii before they closed. You look great.

  5. I love this dress so much and they way you have clashed it with jacket. Im never brave enough to try clashing prints but this looks fab x


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