My second review this week comes from relatively new brand Grace UK, when the guys at Grace approached me, I'll be completely honest, I was a little apprehensive, the ethos behind the brand is that of shape dressing, flattering lines etc. Now you all know, I'm one for chucking on what makes you feel great, regardless of your shape and I don't like to be dictated too by rules... but what I have to keep reminding myself of, is that not everyone is as confident as me, and some people might need a guiding hand when it comes to making fashion choices. I just want each and every one of you to feel great about what you're wearing and yourself when you walk out the door, so if companies like Grace help you do that, then hooray!

The site has a shape calculator, whereby you enter bust, waist and hip measurements. They calculate your shape and show you suggestions of which dresses will look great on you. Want to hear something funny? I didn't fit on the shape calculator, my measurements didn't fit into any of the categories. Trust me, completely awkward in every way!

After speaking with the lovely Sarah at Grace, we decided I was a few inches short of a triangle (hip heavy, thats me!) after looking at my options I decided to go with the Marilyn dress...

A simple black empire line dress, the Marilyn is a beautifully made dress, the stretch fabric is soft and hangs perfectly. The metal embellishment to the neck line is stunning, it's really chunky and substantial and turns a relatively simple dress into something special.

The minute I put this dress on Michael got his flirty dirty head on, so it obviously appeals to the chaps if thats what you're aiming for. On a personal note I felt really beautiful in it, the fit was great and I felt very pretty in it. I even did a twirl...

I know, what a tit! Point is, its a twirly, whirly girly dress and if you are lacking in confidence, this baby will make you feel great.

I'm wearing the 24, I found it fitted better across my bust (the 22, fitted, but was snug).

The collection is still quite small, but there are some great dresses including the Kelly which I'd personally like to rename the Tina because it reminds me of the fringed dress in the Tina Turner bio which she wears when dancing like a crazy woman to Proud Mary. 

Check out the full line here...

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