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As you may recall I was sent some items from the lovely folk at Littlewoods Clearance, the second of said items is this CUTE fox sweater. I must admit I had real trouble styling this at first, I tried about 5 different options, dresses, skirts, nothing looked right. In my head I wanted to wear a pleated midi skirt and loafers and be all hipster-y cool. But, alas I do not possess such a skirt nor the look to pull it off I think. 

So I went for, yes I know, those bloody jeans again! And my very first foray into double denim, something I swore I'd never do, but what I ended up with was something I absolutely loved.

The jumper is so sweet and really soft to touch too, I'm actually starting to look forward to Autumn now, I love summer but this AW, fashion wise is really exciting me, lots of leather, tartan and berry tones are whetting my fashion whistle!!

And in honour of my impending Scottish holiday, I wore my Nanna's heather brooch...

and don't forget..

For loads of fab Littlewoods and Very bargains checkout the eBay stores..

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  1. So cute Becky! Love a good cute jumper :)

  2. Double denim rocks and you can't go wrong with a cute fox. x


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