Every inch of me.....


I'd written this passage ages ago and its been sat in my drafts...

"My body is a reflection of the life I've led. It maps out every activity, good or bad. Every laughter line, stretch mark and scar are part of me. Every roll of fat, every freckle, every grey hair. 

Some people might view my body as a hideous reflection of excess, some might see it as warm and welcoming. Other peoples opinions are irrelevant, what matters is that I learn to love my body and give it the respect it deserves.

My body is fat. Fat is an accurate description of its shape and size. Fat is not and should not be used as an insult, nor should it be associated with negative feeling. I am far more than body, and so are you. Love your body, love yourself. You are beautiful and intelligent and crazy and funny and wild and loving and everything in between" 

I took these pictures on Sunday, we were heading out to a barbeque, my lovely friends Jonboy and Lyndsey threw a party to welcome their new arrival Charlie into the world. Now it's not the most startling of outfits, but what I wanted to show you is me, every bit of me, and that you don't have to wear shapewear, or have a flat tummy, or hide yourself away in a sack, its ok to have two rolls of fat (my double belly) and wear stripes.

It's really just a pep talk, selfishly for me and I hope for you.

The regular pose, double belly and all...

Showing off!

Clocked my mum at the other end of the garden taking the piss out of me...

So I flick her the V's! (I love her really)

Back to posing....

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  1. You are beautiful and your tummy is cute and I want to squish it.
    Also, I'm glad someone else does that to their mum haha! xx

  2. You are fab and I love that you are have learnt to love yourself and your body. as you say, its a reflection of a life well led-here's to all us ladies with soft tummy's and stretch marks-what hot bitches we are.

  3. Belly rolls unite! :D love you & your belly x

  4. It's blogs like yours, written with humour and warmth, that are helping me to love my Buddha belly xx

  5. I need to remember this the next time I have a bad day.love this.actually got quite teary reading.x.

  6. Wise words and you look fantastic :D

  7. I hate hate hate my tummy, but I really shouldn't. It's carried two (big) babies who were both born by c-section, so I should be proud of it, not squeezing myself into holding-in pants all day everyday. Thank you for the reality check x

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  9. I am fat. I often laugh when people try to be 'nice' and pretend I'm not and they really don't get that for me it is not a word I use to insult myself with. It is simply a statement of fact and is not a reflection on how I feel about my beauty. I am beautiful ... and fat, and the two go together.

    Molly xo

  10. I can't tell you how much i value your blogs and how beautifully you talk of being fat... You're fabulous... Thank you from someone who is desperately trying to see beauty when they look in the mirror xxxx


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