Sunday Catch Up...


Hey guys, hope you're having a lovely weekend. I'm just heading out to my besties for Sunday lunch, which means a. spending time with some of my favourite people and b. I don't have to cook!!! 

I've been insanely busy, with less than 3 weeks to Plus North now, this is when things get really crazy! We were featured on the Yours Clothing newsletter yesterday which was very cool..

New plus size brands PinkClove and JUNAROSE launched this week.... I'm always thrilled when a new brand launches and when they bring something that little bit different which both these brands do then I'm even more excited!

And finally I got the chance to ask Claire Richards a question a while back, granted, it's not the most probing of questions but as a huge Steps fan (yes I just said that!) It was nice to know that in an albeit indirect way I got to ask her something! You can read all about Claire's new line for Fashion World and what the other bloggers asked her here...

Lots to bring you next week including my holiday wardrobe (and its not bikinis and maxis trust me!) Some bargain buys and another Plus North Spotlight post!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday....
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