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It might not have escaped your notice, but I'm a bit of a whinger. I like to have a good moan. I'm quite unapologetic about it because if something bugs me I'm quite within my rights to have a grumble. One of my biggest bug bears and subject of many a grumble is my quest for a great pair of jeans. 

I just cant seem to win with jeans, they either sit at a funny point on my torso, are too bag at the back, too long, not tight enough in the ankle, bag at the knees after one wear... the list of gripes is endless. 

The frequency has not gone unnoticed and quite embarrassingly the lovely folk at F&F must have caught wind of my whinging and sent me a lovely email offering to send me a couple of pair of jeans form their True range, so confident in their product they were willing to throw down the gauntlet.

I was sent two pairs of the F&F True Supersoft Skinny Jeans in black and indigo...

I was sent a lovely note by the True buyer along with the jeans...

"The skinny jeans are £14 which we feel is a great price for a great pair of jeans. We've had a lot of positive reviews on these and we are confident they offer a versatile garment which looks great. We have worked hard to get a good fit and flatter our ladies, we are confident they are not too low on the waist and with the addition of side elastic to suit all body shapes. Hopefully Becky will love them!"

So no pressure then....

The verdict? They really are a great fit, a bit long in the leg for me, but I turn most of my jeans up anyway so it wasn't a massive issue, I found them to be really comfortable all day, enough stretch to be flexible, not restrictive but not too much that they were baggy after a days wear. The black looked really great and I liked the indigo, but I'd like to see them in a vintage wash option or a bleach, something a bit more fashionable, but for £14 these make a fantastic wardrobe basic and a great foundation to any casual outfit. If you've been put off by jeans in the past I would definitely recommend these.

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  1. I really like the look of these, I've had no luck finding a decent pair of indigo skinnies so maybe I should give tesco true a chance to wow me?! Xx

  2. Love these - was so happy I tweeted about it!


  3. I wear these all the time, iv had 2 pairs for a good 6/8 months and they still haven't gone bggy at the knees, defiantly a favourite of mine but I agree they should do a whole colour range as F&F normal range that do have nice colours just don't touch me.


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