Plus North Sponsor Spotlight - Scarlett & Jo


We're in to final the week now! Plus North is just days away and its time to look at our exclusive after party host Scarlett & Jo

Stocked exclusively at Evans Scarlett & Jo's shapely creations are fun, glam and super feminine. Since launching at the beginning of this year they have been huge, their now iconic powerfit dresses have just expanded and now boast over 15 different different colour ways and the crochet neck dress (a favourite of mine) is available in 3 different colours.

The after party is set to be an exciting night with a live performance from Britian's Got Talent's Rosie O'Sullivan, and exclusive Scarlett & Jo catwalk modelled by the Plus North Team and friends, disco, karaoke (aka the Becky show) and much more!! Safe to say I'm pretty (VERY) excited.

You can follow Scarlett & Jo on Twitter and Facebook

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