OOTD: Bargain buys and a nice surprise....


Sunday was a Clumsy Pickle day, Michael and I headed out for what was a long day, trying to sell our wares. Sadly it wasn't the best of days. You win some, you lose some, but we carry on regardless!

I wore something comfortable but smart(ish) as I didn't want to let the side down! When I was in London the other day I had half an hour to kill before my train home so I wandered round the shops in Kings Cross. I went into Oliver Bonas because everything is all so pretty and middle class, not thinking I could actually afford anything, when I saw this scarf in the sale, down from £28 to £10 and just fell in love, the print and colours are so gorgeous, I haven't taken it off since Friday really! 

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I just put it on with a plain black tee and my new Dorothy Perkins polka dot jeggings, can we just talk about these for a second? I haven't bought trousers from Dorothy Perkins for many years, in fact, since the time I tried to put on a pair of jeans and literally couldn't get them past my ankles.... My ankles people!! 

Then the other day I was browsing the sale and saw these and thought, why not, worth a try! And am I glad I did, they are such a great fit!! Really generous, stretchy, comfortable. I ordered my usual 22 and if it weren't for my larger thighs and calves I would have been fine with a 22, so if you're quite a slim legged 24 with a rounder tummy or fuller hip, I'd say they are worth a try!

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I wore.... Basic T - F&F// Polka Dot Jeggings - Dorothy Perkins// Scarf - Oliver Bonas// Wedges - Next (via eBay)

I find I'm most comfortable when I'm wearing a simple base, with a few cute details and a big bold item whether that's a scarf, huge necklace or insane shoes. What's your outfit lifting accessory? 

And please, answers on a postcard as to what I'm looking at here......

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  1. Poppy up to no good in the background? ;)

    I love that scarf! I think I'm the same as you Becky. I've tried a lot of different things since I've started blogging, but it has to be said I like a simple base & then to add to it. My scarf collection is huge! Can't wait for winter :D xxx


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