BeBe and the mysterious case of dress denial....


I have a confession to make......... I avoid "straight size" media as much as possible. I don't read regular magazines, I don't watch those make over shows, and I very rarely enter a shop unless I know the clothes will fit me. I instead immerse myself in plus size blogs, I read magazines like SLiNK, I shop in places that make clothes in my size.

You see, my thinking behind this is, the less time I spend looking at images that don't mean anything to me, the more confident I will feel and the more accepting I will be of my body and I will be able to truly love, respect and appreciate my size. And you know what folks? it works! 

The less time I spend bombarding myself with images of what society deems "beautiful" the more I realise that true beauty comes in many, many different forms, in vast shapes and size, colour and race. 

This is all very wonderful and marvellous, until indeed you walk past All Saints and see the dress of dreams.... 

*weeps quietly in the corner* Not only is this dress massively out of my budget, its also massively out of my size range. 

There would have been a time about 3 years ago where my first reaction to this situation would be to go on a crash diet (it wouldn't have worked and I would feel like a massive failure) but nowadays, thankfully, the thought of slimming to fit into a dress is a most ridiculous notion to me, nowadays I'll fight to have clothes like this made in my size, I'll use my blog as a platform to speak to plus size brands in the hope that I, and my beautiful blogging babes might be the change that's needed when it comes to plus size fashion. As a fat woman I deserve the choice afforded to my slimmer counterparts, and by jove I'm going to fight for it. 

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  1. I completely agree with avoiding fashion magazines and TV shows that are just constantly trying to sell you a beauty ideal. But I do have an unhealthy obsession with the Next Top Model franchise...

  2. Really enjoyed reading this! Thak you x

  3. This post (and all your other posts) really resonate with me.

    For far too long I've felt marginalised, disenfranchised and frankly discriminated against for being a size 20+.

    For Goodness sake, don't these manufactures / brands realise that my 'round' pound is just as good and if they get the product right, I would be more than willing to part with £188.00 of my little round (hard earnt) pounds.

    Keep up the good fight!

  4. It really DOESS work! I've been avoiding "straight" sized publications, blogs and whatnot for months now and what a difference it has made. I also have been people watching when I go to malls or parks...really looking at the variety of women...and you know what? Hardly anyone looks like mag models and celebrities, huh, imagine that, lol! But I also noticed a sadder issue...many more of the larger women of middle age dressed frumpy than their younger counterparts :(

    All the plus size blogs and online mags are GREAT, but I just wish more women like me were represented (am turning 50).

    Still, it's getting sooooo much better, because WE are taking back the power!

  5. I love this post as I agree with what your saying. As a student and being a plus size its kind of hard to purchase clothes on a budget which is why I stick to mainly new look. I have learnt to accept myself but I know I need to watch what I eat to feel healthy. It has been a journey to stop worrying about the latest trends but im glad im sort of over that unrealistic phase xox hsquared

  6. All Saints brings me to tears, too. I love everything about them - their clothes, their accessories, the antique sewing machines at the front of the stores. But then I just think how in debt I would be if they sold clothing in my size, and I feel just a tad better.

  7. I do the same. I don't buy magazines (unless they have free make up) because they're full of diet crap. I don't read rags like the DM where women are valued by how skinny they are. I avoid all that crap wherever possible. I surround myself with fat love, on Tumblr, and by following oodles of rad fats on Twitter and reading plus size blogs. I hope the sadness this dress has brought soon wears off and you feel your fab usual self again. x x

  8. I loved reading this article! I try to concentrate on positive body image, but I also like to go into straight shops (particularly those that only sell clothes up to a 14) just to annoy the assistants. Not so long ago, I went to a shop to buy a birthday gift for my cousin, only to leave almost in tears, because of a shop assistant who didn't wait to find out why I was there, but made it clear in words and attitude that she was appalled that I might dare to think they would sell clothes in my size.

  9. I do same though I don't have a blog my theory is why should I even buy accessories from a store that refuses to sell my size. If you do not want my money I'll support the stores that do.

    Though I can't share your love for that dress it looks like a dairy cow or pixelated leopard niether print I am terribly fond of. but then I like loud colors and shiney things so I am quite possibly extraordinarily tacky

  10. So glad you've written this post, I love to hear it. I definitely made the decision not to bother with "normal" magazines as, like you say, it does nothing but cause low self esteem. Next step is being able to go on shopping trips with skinny friends and family where you don't even fit into the bangles in the shops without sobbing at the end of it lol... More plus sized clothing in all shops, please!


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