The Perfect Hosiery?


Tights, stockings, hosiery are the holy grail of the plus size leg. For those of you with a chunkier thigh, big bum, big belly will know finding tights that don't roll down at the belly, sag at the ankle and even make it up past your knees is not an easy feat.

I was approached by the lovely guys at Lida, a polish hosiery brand. Dominik was great and talked me through the sizing, and between us, as you'll see, I think we cracked it!

I was sent 3 pairs of tights to review, the first is your standard 80 denier, black tights. Firstly please accept my apologies for my attire, I was trying to figure out how best to show off the tights and inadvertently ended up looking like an 80's dance teacher!

I was sent these in the 3XL. I found the coverage ok, but I think I might have been a little more comfortable in a 3XXL just as my personal preference in tights is to have full belly coverage, that's right, I'm a granny, belly warmer kinda gal. Also please accept my apologies for the grainy pics, had to leave it until the temperature had dropped a bit which was 10pm at night (still 20C).

What a feeling......

Excuse the dodgy tattoo...

And the front view..

The tights have a good degree of stretch but not overly so, which I hope means they'll keep their shape after a few hours wear and washing etc. For an 80 Denier they are lovely and opaque and not too shiny as some tights can be. 

Up next are the seamless footless tights, which are amazing. I'm totally in love with these ones. They are very soft, super stretchy and look great.

We did a couple of shots with the flash on so you can get an idea of the opacity. As you can see these still cant be worn with out a long top/dress for modestly reasons, unless you like the world seeing your knickers, and hey, who am I to judge? I'm stood in my garden in a pair of tights and a crop top!!!

And finally, a pair of hold ups... hand on a sec? hold ups on a 32 inch thigh (yes my thigh is the size of an average chaps waist) Damn right!! Amazing huh?

A bit readers wives I know....

These were so easy to put on, the beautiful lace tops have a double silicon band around them to ensure they stay in place and they felt really comfortable. 

I was really pleased with all 3 items from Lida, the quality is excellent and apart from the minor fitting issue on the first pair which could easily be remedied by going up one size, I can highly recommend Lida for the coming Autumn Winter.


A HUGE Thank you to those who nominated me for Best Blogger and Journalist category at the Plus Size Awards, I'd be overjoyed to win it so please get voting!! 
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  1. Thank you for this post! Will have to give them a try as finding the perfect pair of tights is harder then finding a perfect pair of jeans! x

  2. Awe well that's a revelation ! I can't stand tights, if I get them over my belly for some reason they don't reach the crotch area (blush!!)

  3. Will check out their site, I cannot find tights that fit me properly. I'm blessed with tree trunk legs that are very short, so usually end up with most of the material wrinkled around my cankles. I also love my tights to cover my stomach. I used to buy m & s or Evans tights, but both seem to have started to skimp on material for the torso. I hate having to keep hitching up my tights during the day. The higher the tights go over my tummy the better- more insulation for winter LOL x

  4. Wow! They all look so good, and so do you, ya sexy minx! x x

  5. I cant stand hold up tights, I always think the going to fall down, probably a throw back from having to wear stockings and suspenders at school (oops showing my age lol) :)

  6. Mrs. bebe,
    Your husband is a LUCKY man to see you dressed in hose like that. Those stockings make YOU look PERFECT.
    You're beautiful.

  7. Love my Wolford tights, they're almost opaque enough to wear as leggings.


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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