One One Three!


So, I wasn't going to post these pics, because I look so rough, I was feeling really poorly when I went out and hastily grabbed these pics when I returned, but I wanted to share with you my super cute dress from independent Plus Size designers One One Three.

I've been eyeing up their stuff since they burst onto the scene last year. Their AW collection was stunning, amazing maxi dresses with stud and PU embellishments and a hot geometric body con dress were just some of my favourites. Amazing as they were I knew in my slightly dull life I wouldn't get the wear out of them necessary to justify the purchase (god I know, I'm soooo sensible).

Then along came the SS13 collection with its floral peplums, pretty baby dolls and cute bomber jackets, pieces I can easily work into my every day wardrobe!

The first item I've bought it this cute navy summer dress...

See what did I tell you rough as hell, but look at the pretty dress, focus on the dress!!! Its made from a really light weight silky material, I went for the 24 (mainly because that's all that was left) I might have got away with my usual size 22 but think it would have been a little tight in the waist. It has a zip fastening to the side, but I just popped it over my head with no worries. 

My only very minor criticism of this dress is that it is very flighty, the slightest gush of wind and it was over my head, exposing my peachy ass to all those who passed by...erm awkward... but I'm trying to think of ways to remedy this, maybe adding some kind of weight to the hem or buying a slip for modesty. Answers on a post card please!!!

I have another beauty to show you soon, here's a sneak peek!

P.S. What do you think of the blog, I've had a little tinker with the layout and graphics. Nothing major but just some prettifying!


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  1. Replies
    1. They are such great designers! X x

  2. This dress looks gorgeous on you and you don't look rough at all, as pretty as usual. Like you I did check the One One Three website when they first launch and tbh I thought exactly the same, party days are almost over for me, so even If God gave this bootilicious body when on earth I am going to wear that amazing geometrical dress!! xx

    1. Thanks lovely. I totally know what you mean, I still lust after that geometric dress, but feel bad knowing it would sit inn wardrobe! X x

  3. i'm curious if its the floral peplum top or dress you've got there. tossing up which one to get myself :) The navy dress look great on you too.

    1. It was the floral peplum, would love to know what you went for in the end :) x x


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