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In the midst of giveaway madness I'm trying to blog as usual, so I apologise if the blog looks a little cluttered at the moment, or there's a lot for you to read! 

I was recently sent a couple of items from new lingerie website Frooty Lingerie. I'm not a huge wearer of shapewear, but if I am wearing something particularly clingy I do sometimes wear some light control wear to smooth out my appearance, mainly so you cant see my underwear and I have quite a prominent scar on my tummy so it helps with that too. 

I was sent a body suit and a pair of knickers to review...

Both garments are excellent quality. The Bodysuit is really soft and lightweight compared to shapewear I've owned in the past, it would be a really great option for under summer dresses because of this. 

I decided to do a little before and after to show the effects of the bodysuit..

Front View

Side View

As you can see there wasn't a dramatic change, but it smoothed tummy a little and lifted my bum. To be fair, that's a lot of hard work right there in itself! The knickers had a similar effect but in some ways were better for me as I find bodysuits can sometimes squish my boobs and that's one area I definitely don't want to be any smaller. 

Frooty Lingerie have a great selection of underwear including Curvy Kate at amazing prices, so its definitely worth visiting their site, they're also running a giveaway on their facebook page at the moment so head on over there and give them a like! 

A HUGE Thank you to those who nominated me for Best Blogger and Journalist category at the Plus Size Awards, I'd be overjoyed to win it so please get voting!!
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  1. I do love a bit of shapewear every now and then! I'll definitely need to check out Frooty! The only thing I have just now is some very uncomfortable knickers that curl and drive me insane! I'd love to try a wee bodysuit but I'll maybe wait until this heatwave settles down! ;)

  2. Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post.


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