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Hello! Are you all enjoying the giveaways? As you can imagine running a giveaway a day and trying to do some "normal" blogging in between is a little taxing so do bear with me this month, on top of it all, it feels as though Plus North has crept up on us now and with only 2 months to go we have lots to get on with!

So anyway, I thought I'd post the final post of the lovely items Simply Be sent through to me. You might recall I blogged the paisley dress, black split maxi and floral shirt.

Long term followers of the blog will know I have a denim jacket, I've had it longer than I've had my child, and it is pretty much like my first born (no, really) I love it so much, it's just the most versatile jacket that I can throw over most things, I love the fit, the colour, yes I could wax lyrical about that little jacket all day! But there's just one thing, when its really, really hot, the last thing I want to be wearing is a long sleeved denim jacket, so when I saw Simply Be had this sleeveless denim gilet, I really wanted to give it a try.

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I ordered the 22 and actually found it really generous, if I'm honest I think I could have done with an 18, I could do this up with bags of room to spare. I decided to try a fully buttoned look with a statement necklace over a lain black maxi. I quite like this look but it might get a little warm on hotter days.

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It was so sunny in the garden but I realise I look like I'm saluting now, I was just shading the sun from my eyes! I decided to try the jacket unbuttoned too, which I think will be a more comfortable way to wear it..

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The denim is soft and lightweight with a considerable amount of stretch to it, so I can recommend sizing doen at least one, if not 2 sizes. If you have a beloved denim jacket and are looking for a summer alternative this is definitely the way to go!

PS I'm so happy to say I've been nominated for Best Blogger and Journalist in the British Plus Size Awards, I'd be overjoyed if you guys could vote for me. Plus North has also been nominated for Best Fashion Event so a vote our way would be amazing too. Thank you for all your support, it really does mean the world to me! You can click here to vote!

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  1. Voted you for best blog, and best achievement, and plus north as the best event. Good luck! :)

  2. You have my vote! Best of luck and I love this look on you!

    Louise. xx

  3. I love that!!! Denim is always a good shout, and denim jackets are classic!!! x

  4. Do you think this would be ok for an older person or mutton dressed as lamb look ?

    1. I think it would look great. Maybe stick to wearing the jacket open, but apart from that it's simple and classic!! X x

  5. Love this outfit looks so good on you.Loving the jacket ive got 3 with sleeves may have a go with scissors and some studs and customize one
    Where is the maxi from? I really love it <3


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