BeBe's BIG Birthday Giveaway - Day 29


Day 29!!! It's been a busy, busy month, and we've had some amazing prizes. Not gonna lie, it's been exhausting from a blogging point of view, posting every day for the giveaway and then trying to blog normally at the same time, but I just know when the prizes are drawn and you all get something fab it'll totally be worth it!

So I digress, todays prize is something a little different. Fellow blogger and all round gorgeous babe Rebecca offered to send me a few bits for the giveaway from her etsy shop Clumsy Kisses.

Beautiful handmade envelopes

Rebecca's Zine

Cute handmade jewellery!

We have a selection of handmade envelopes, a copy of Rebecca's Zine and cute handmade jewellery pilfered from Barbies closet!! Rebecca has also very kindly offered to convert the earrings to clip-ons should anyone require that!

I love that each of these items are so personal and were crafted with time and care by the lovely Rebecca!! 

Get entering the rafllecopter for your chance to win these goodies!!

A HUGE Thank you to those who nominated me for Best Blogger and Journalist category at the Plus Size Awards, I'd be overjoyed to win it so please get voting!! 
 photo BestBloggerandJournalist_zps4df461af.png

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  1. Aww bet you need a break! Or a drink! xoxo

  2. The link to Clumsy Kisses on Facebook doesn't seem to be working but I found the page on Facebook anyway. The last entry on there is March 9, 2012 so hopefully I have the correct page. You sure have been a busy lady - time for a rest (or slow down) in August??
    Thank you for the lovely giveaways. You're a STAR!!!


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