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When an email falls into your inbox entitled "groovy cable" you can't help but open it up straight away out of interest. I'm a bit of a gadget freak, I mean not crazy or anything, but I've always liked computers, games consoles and gadgetry. 

This multi-way data cable charges 3 different devices at once with an Apple Lightning, Micro USB and an Apple 30 pin (that when reversed also does Samsung Galaxy Tab). 

Although the cable is a rather short, I think it would be great for travel. As I have to travel a lot for Plus North and blogger events it would be great just to pack the one cable, plug it into the bedside cabinet in the hotel and be able to charge up my iPhone and iPad at the same time. It's also really handy for Michael and I as he has the iPhone 4 and I have the 5. 

As mentioned I think the only thing I would change about this cable is the length, but apart from that I can see it being really handy!!

There is a really great selection of data cables and other accessories over at Mobile Fun.. Click here to see the range... 

**This item was sent to me for review. All opinions and views are my own**

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