AX Paris - Contrast Scuba Midi Dress


Hey! So for this months AX Paris review I went for something a little different. I was really excited to try one of these new "scuba" dresses. I'd seen them on the website and wondered what the deal was. They are named as such because the material is a thick, stretch material with a slight sheen that I guess can be likened to a scuba diving suit... or at least I think that's why, I might be completely mistaken, in which case what a plonker I am!!! 

So anyway, I went for this navy dress because I don't really own much navy and I thought it would make a really nice change to the little black dress.

AX Paris - Contrast Scuba Sleeveless Midi Dress

The dress is a thick stretch material, with contrast panels, it has exposed darts to the back that make a nice feature and the contrast panels add interest. The cut around the arms is similar to a racer vest cut so I found that a strapless bra worked best with it so there wasn't any straps showing and it kept the look clean and neat. 

Although the dress is listed as midi, on my 5'7" body it can only really be described as knee length which for me is perfect anyway. 

The dress is comfortable and flexible and might I say despite the funny look on my face (I was trying to be alluring) I felt really sexy in an understated way in it. I'd definitely wear this for special occasions, nights out, the races maybe?

I ordered my usual size 22 and found it to be true to size. The dress is very form fitting, so might not be to everyone's taste, but I really like it, its very slinky!

Don't forget to head over to AX Paris and check out the rest of the Curve range. They have some really gorgeous bits in at the moment...

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  1. I like the contrast band around the middle.

  2. Just found out AX Paris only stock up to size 14 in New Look stores (well at least the ones local to me) but have full range of sizes on New Look website so can order for free store delivery and can return for refund to New Look stores too free if not happy. You probably knew this but just wanted to share in case you were not aware.

    1. No that's brilliant thanks! Good to know! X

  3. You look fan-bloomin-tastic in that dress! :) xx

  4. You look fantastic, that dress is lovely, I especially love the contrast band.

  5. Thanks guys!

  6. You look fabbbulous! The dress definitely suits you!!!

  7. You are rocking this lady. Bloody gorgeous.


  8. I love this dress and the contrast panel is a nice and simple detail. Perfect for a night out or special occasion. I love that it's quite slinky and bodycon because a lot of size 14+ clothes are tunics and maxi dresses which get a bit dull x

  9. Ooh, it's lovely and from a distance it looks like a skirt and a crop top, which is grand in my book. Lovely to meet you on Saturday! x x

  10. I love AX Paris. They have such a small selection for US buyers though, which makes me sad. But you look WONDERFUL.

    - Plush Plum
    New on Plush Plum: Forever 21 Plus Haul + Giveaway!

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  12. I like AX Paris. You are looking beautiful wearing this.The dress is lookingcomfortable and flexible Istrapless bra


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