The day after the night before....


On Friday night I went out with my lovely bestie Giselle, we went out for a good old girly boozy do, and it was fab. I might not get to do it very often nowadays but when I do, I do it in style! I wore the most most amazing AX Paris dress which I'll share this week, but in the mean time this is what I wore the day after.. aka hangover day!

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The joys of being a mamma is that on the rare occasion I do get to go out and have some drinks I don't get the luxury of laying in bed the next day nursing a hangover, so up at 8am and out with the family to feed the ducks, drop some of Michaels stock off with our new stockist (click here for the story on that one) and then finally at about 1pm I got to sit down and eat a massive steak in an attempt to make me feel half human!

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The dress is from Primark, it was £12 and I'm absolutely in love with it, it has an elasticacted waist and little cap sleeves, and although Primark only go up to a 20 this fitted with bags of room, I'd say it would stretch to a 24 too, it's always worth trying something on even if the tag doesn't say your size.

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The dress is loose, lightweight and made me feel fresh. Just what my vodka soaked, sluggish self needed!

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  1. I really love this dress, it's hard to find one with some sort of sleeve :)

    Looking can as always, chic! x

  2. I was just about to put a question out there to all of the UK plus size bloggers about sizing at Primark but I guess you answered it - is size 20 the largest size at Primark? Am going to London in June and would love to do some Primark shopping since we don't have any Primark stores in Sweden.

    1. Hey there! Hope you enjoy your trip to London! Yes they go up to a 20. Depending on fabric and cut they can accommodate a bigger body. Hope you find some great bits! X x


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