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Hello! hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I was sent this lovely top last week by relatively new brand, Just Curvy this week to review.

I'm a complete sucker for stripes, I own a LOT, I hate that even in this day and age women are told not to wear horizontal stripes because they will make them look fat, well, you know what? I am fat, so I'm going to wear my gorgeous stripes with pride!

I chose this tunic from the site because I loved the colours and shape, it looked like a great casual option for running around after Poppy, nipping in to town, that kind of thing!

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I kept it really casual and wore it with dark blue jeggings and converse type pumps...

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The top is made of a lightweight cotton material, it doesn't have any stretch to it though so that is something to consider when ordering. I went with the 22/24, and it was a good fit, it didn't have heaps of room though, so again, something to think about. The top is really comfortable, it fastens in the back with a zip, but I just popped it over my head. There was plenty of room in the bust so for those of you more blessed than me you should be ok!

I loved that the top had pockets too, little features like that really make a garment for me! The top itself is a Lovedrobe top, a brand I've never worn before, now I know what the sizing is like I'm excited to try some more bits!

Overall I loved this top, I think for me personally I would have liked a little elastane in the material for my personal comfort, but having said that it was still really comfortable. Thanks Just Curvy, it's a fab top!

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  1. I've been lusting after this top for a while, and seeing you in it has made up my mind to buy it! From what you say tho, I may need to size up. I'm a classic pear, so need tops to be a bit more generous on the bottom half.

  2. No i have to thank you - I love reading your blog! You, betty from pamper & curves and Georgina from fuller figure fuller bust have been an inspiration to me over the past few weeks. I've had a terrible few years, which culminated in me being diagnosed with anxiety & depression. I started reading your blogs and it's really helped with my recovery. I spent the last year in yoga pants and t-shirts, and the most I did to look after myself was shower and wash my hair. The past few weeks I've started enjoying clothes and make up again. I've regained some of my confidence with my curves. Thank you so much :) x

    1. Hey Ali! I'm so, so glad we've been able to help. As you might know I too suffer from anxiety and depression so it means the world to me to know I've helped someone through that. I know how easy it can be to care less about your appearance when you're not well, but through blogging I've learnt that feeling great in your clothes can help you feel a bit brighter. It won't make you better, of course, but it can lift your mood x x x

  3. Your curves are beautiful ! - all real women have curves !


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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