Tempting Fate....



On Monday Toni and I headed to Manchester to meet with the lovely folk at Simply Be, we were going to have a look round the venue for Plus North and have a chat about promotion etc.. So what does one wear when meeting with Simply Be? Well Simply Be of course! (suck up I know!) 

So I left a relatively sunny Grimsby to trot off to a not so sunny Manchester, and it seems with me, the sun has trotted off, so maybe I was tempting fate by wearing this little summer number!!

A Toni shaped shadow!!!

I was sent this dress by Simply Be nearly 2 months ago now, but the weather had been so utterly dire this is the first chance I've had to wear it. The dress is a really nice heavy jersey. I ordered the 22 in the tall option. I'm 5'7" and this was a floor sweeping length on me, so for you taller girls this is going to be just fine. I found it true to size, but what I will say is due to the nature of the fabric, it will cling to every single lump, bump and crevice. If you're OK with this then fab, but for me it was a little too revealing, I have quite a prominent scar on my tummy from having my gallbladder removed and you could see the scar, so it might be advisable to either size up, or what I did was wear some shapewear underneath.

The dress is a simple vest style and had thick straps so you can wear any bra comfortably with it. I just teamed mine with my denim jacket, chunky jewellery and leopard print pumps. I could see this being an absolute essential for sunny holidays and lazy days, its really comfortable and didn't crease at all even after 2 3 hour train journeys. 

A slightly less shadowy spot!! 

The dress is also available in black, grey marl and magenta details of which are here....

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  1. Loooove the dress!!!
    I have a similar one from Dorothy Perkins, in navy blue, but this colour is amAAAzing!



    1. I really navy though too and navy and coral together look fabulous! X x

  2. You look amazing, love the colour on you. Simply Be NEEEED to start shipping to Australia! NEED!

    1. NEEEEED indeed! I can't believe they don't already, that's crazy! X x


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