If the shoe fits...


Hey! So I don't know about you but I quite often (read: a LOT) build my outfit around my shoe choice. I've always been a huge shoe fan I think a good shoe can make or break an outfit. One place I've never thought to look for shoes is Bank. I think all to often you get stuck in a shopping rut, for me I tend to forget about stores that don't stock my dress size, therefore missing out on huge shoe potential!
I've taken the same maxi dress and picked out 2 pairs of shoes from Bank around which I've built an outfit....
The first outfit is based around BANK’s classic converse ox, I've gone for a casual, comfortable outfit that could be worn for anything from the school run, to shopping or lunch with friends...
                   Converse - Bank// Pendant - Warehouse// Denim Jacket - New Look// Dress - Yours// Bag - Cath Kidston
And for my second outfit I chose these gorgeous floral statement heels and added bright accessories for a striking occasion look.

                   Shoes - Bank// Dress - Yours// Bag - Accessorize// Necklace - Accessorize

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