Thursday, 11 April 2013

Carnaby and Campbell


I've mentioned before how I love showcasing independent retailers on the blog, working with the big brands is great, but lets face it, they probably don't need the exposure. When the lovely Marcus contacted me I was very excited to be introduced to this new brand. 

The website says....

"Founded on the ideals of affordability and style instilled upon the founder by their grandmother; Carnaby and Campbell's ethos is "Be happy and true to yourself - life isn't all pink shirts and ponies." We aim to stay true to this by offering some of the finest products from within Great Britain."

I love that!!

Ok so I was very kindly sent 3 beautiful pieces of jewellery....

I think firstly for me the value for money is outstanding. The pieces I was sent are more on the modern side of what the site has to offer, a lot of it has a vintage feel about it.

The lotus earrings are really cute, I've been a little weary of wearing bigger earrings since having my hair cut, but these look really cute.

I absolutely love the geometric necklace, its bold colours look great against plainer outfits....

and finally, and I must admit, my favourite of the three are the Aztec earrings, I love the vintage silver look is so nice and they are big enough to make a statement but not too huge that you can't wear them as everyday earrings...

I'd definitely recommend Carnaby and Campbell for great pieces of jewellery and value for money!


  1. I really liked the necklace when I saw it in a previous post you did, amazing value!

  2. Absolutely love the necklace and what a bargain! x x

  3. Some really lovely pieces there and so affordable too! xx

  4. So glad you like them, they have some really nice bits on the website! X


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