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Hello! Can I whisper *the weathers starting to pick up* cue huge snow storm... Anyway, less of my weather bores.. The guys at Mobile Fun sent me this super cute iPhone 5 case, its so different, I've never seen one like it before, and having used it for the last few weeks now, it's really durable and hard wearing because if you're anything like me, your phone takes quite a battering on a day to day basis!

The case itself has a really cute Red Riding Hood theme and the figure is sort of 3D it's so different I love it!! They have heaps more to chose from on their site along with lots of other fab gadget accessories... I really see gadget accessories as an extension of fashion now, they reflect a persons style and make a real statement too. Do you agree, or is function more important when it comes to protecting your gadgets?

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  1. Aww, that is indeed VERY cute.

  2. Awwww MAN! Why did I have to click the link? WHY?

    I may need to trade in my ASDA pretty & cheap ones!

    K x

  3. This is really cute, I love my black cat phone cover but it is looking a little battered. Might need to invest in a new one!

  4. I hate it when people forget how to spell SPONSORED POST.

  5. Shame it wasn't a sponsored post then, I wasn't paid to write it, but yes I was sent the case to review and I thought I'd made that quite clear when I wrote that they'd sent me it. But you're right, I should maybe consider making it a little clearer when I am sent things. Thank you for your input.

  6. I thought the clue was in the bit where you said "the guys at mobile fun sent me this"... Doesn't need to be clearer. And well done you for not rising to someone being petty and rude. Clearly jealous of your amazing blog. Neat phone case too x

  7. Why would it matter if it was a sponsored post?? I for one enjoy reading bloggers honest opinions on products before I make purchases, especially from online only sites!! And I think Becky always gives rounded, honest opinions so I trust if she says an item is good or bad


  8. Glad you all like the case guys, and thanks for the support you last two, maybe I need to make it glaringly obvious, I don't know. Can't win sometimes can you? I'm in a very fortunately position that I do get sent thing things to review, but I thought I always made it clear. Thanks again, B x x

  9. Really nice and unique design of this case ,i saw such case first time which have nice beauty and style.


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