SLiNK Issue 9


Evening guys,

Oooo! It's SLiNK time again, I get all excited when the next issue comes around and this one is a corker! Stunning imagery, compelling articles and the most fabulous fashion you could wish for. 

This issue tackles Health, but in usual SLiNK style, there's no preachy articles, there's no Lycra clad lady doing hip thrusts and there's no faddy diets to contend with. Hoorah!

The stand out piece for me is this crazy amazing editorial featuring Priscilla Ono. Muse to David LaChapelle and renowned make up artist to the likes of Rihanna, 

Priscilla talks about her work within the fashion and music industry and being a confident and curvaceous, healthy woman. 

Images: Model: Priscilla Ono / Photography : Vijat Mohindra

Oh yeh and there's a little article in there from me, I tackle the sensitive issue of weightloss surgery, and ask if we are dying to be thin?

SLiNK magazine Issue 9 is available now (both in digital & print format)

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  1. I saw that photo shoot floating around tumblr and fell in love with it <3 She is incredible and the shoot is just beautiful.
    Looking forward to reading your article xx

    1. Ahh thanks love, it is as always a fab read (the whole thing that is, not just me! Lol)

  2. I love that photoshoot so much. It popped into my inbox and I was like WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! Looking forward to reading your article :)

    #9650; WOLF WHISTLE ▲

    1. Eek it's the best isn't it?!! Hope you enjoy the article too! X x

  3. Loved this issue and as you know loved your article! Good work Love!! x


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