How to wear: Spring Trends, Take 2!


Now brace yourselves, I have a cautionary tale to tell. There once was a cute chubby blogger who went on a family break, and trying to be a clever little blogger she thought she'd try and answer some emails whilst in Bob the Builder land.... The problem is whilst in Bob the Builder land in Antarctic temperatures, it would appears ones brain does not function properly and one loses the ability to read properly. I'd got it into my head that the challenge was to create an outfit from the items bought, when in fact it was three, and it wasn't until I saw the lovely Hanna's post I realised my dumb mistake, so here goes with my second effort. 

So part of the Voucher Codes - Most Wanted Challenge I was asked to buy at least 3 items from a budget of £80 to create at least 3 looks. Luckily, whilst purchasing the shirt from ASOS for this challenge I had sneakily thrown a fab stripy monochrome t-shirt in, so, I'm going to substitute the shirt for the t-shirt... 

so I bought...

L-R Clockwise... T-Shirt - ASOS Curve £12.50// Skirt - New Look £14.99// Shoes - New Look £19.99// Tights - Marks and Spencer £9.50// Necklace - Chelsea Doll £14.99
Grand Total - £71.97

Look One - Lunch with the girls....

Look Two - Date night...

Look Three - Geek Chic....

So there you have it, I hope I did it right this time!! Honestly, I'm such a plank!!!

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  1. Love them, my favourite is look 1!! love the skirt I want it now! where is the dress from look 3? xx

  2. Rocking the monochrome look! I love your blazer, am constantly on the lookout for a decent blazer that also fits the boobs!

  3. Oh my gosh, that last outfit is perfection! You look great in all three, but geek chic is my face. Where did you buy the dress?

  4. Please ell us where you got the dress in look 3? It's purrfection! I love the shoes and stripey top in look 2 and the statement necklace in look 1. I need a statement necklace! x x x

    1. tell* I was so excited I forgot how to spell!

  5. Lol! You lot! The dress was from Castaluna (OneStopPlus as was) I think it's out of stock now, as its nearly a year old I think? Sorry guys, I will try and find an alternative and blog it if I do! X x x

  6. Love love love the geek chic!!! Where is that dress from?!

  7. Loving date night and geek chic! You're soo beautiful xxx

  8. I think I need that t-shirt in my life! Love it under the tux jacket too.

  9. I absolutely love the second look, that blazer is gorgeous! xx


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