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I have been so ill the last few days, my tummy has been giving me hell! But I was determined to make it out this afternoon. My local college held an open evening which was due to take place last month but got snowed off, so rescheduled today, I dosed myself up with painkillers, and various other pills and potions and headed to the campus.

I've been wanting to go back to uni for some time now, but the timing has never been right, but with Poppy starting nursery this year, and now we've moved back home where I have lots of support from friends and family I feel confident enough to do this. So, providing my application is successful and I'm accepted onto the course, I should be starting a degree in September studying Multi Platform Journalism.. Eeek how exciting!

I got Michael to take a quick pic whilst we were there, standing in front of the work of one of my favourite illustrators. Sonia, the lady behind Tulu Draws is so talented, so to be greeted by her work at the entrance was a treat!

The jacket is from So Fabulous, I absolutely fell in love with this jacket, so when it appeared in the sale this week, I just had to get it! I teamed it with a simple black jersey dress and my new cute rosebud tights from BHS (link to similar)

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I'm looking decidly peaky and for some reason didn't bother putting my cup of tea down.... sorry about that!! But hey, who cares? I'm so excited about this course, so please all your positive vibes would be very much appreciated for when I'm writing my application!!

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  1. If that's Grimsby college, I had my wedding reception in the bar!

    1. It is! I was in the new bit, it's looking pretty swish! The Drum bar is cool though, excellent choose of reception!

  2. Hope you'll like the course. I've done Journalism, finished last year :) x

  3. This is really exciting! I'm thrilled for you! Sending you lots of luck and love :)



  4. I love the coat.... I was eyeing it up too..... Now I just HAVE to get it!! :-) Good Luck with the course hun.... You will be fab xx

  5. Ooh good luck, outfit looks great too : )


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