Date night - Take 2!


You might remember back in November mine and Mr BeBe's failed attempt at a date, yes, that's right folks it's taken me and the husband 4 months to reschedule our date! Well this time we managed to successfully go to the cinema, yes well done BeBe's!

These are terrible pics, but basically I wore my ASOS leopard print body con dress, barratts boots and chunky, scatty old Primark cardigan, it was a really comfy outfit but because the dress was body con, I felt a bit slinky and sexy at the same time!

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Yes I actually posed in the cinema when they'd out the house lights up, I am a compete saddo!

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Scary eyes!! So anyway we went to see This is 40, and apart from the obvious opportunity to do more major Paul Rudd perving (oh my goodness, he is too sexual for words) it really was so funny from start to finish, I was literally crying with laughter at some bits, and it was exactly what I needed!

Have you seen any good films lately? Any recommendations?

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  1. We too had a long awaited date night last night - ours was a hospital visit (!) and then Frankie and Benny's for grub. I went for a dress and boots too but wore an old faithful blazer! We're trying to make it a regular thing now we've got a babysitter so may have to try that film next week x

    1. It's makes the world of difference doesn't it Nicki? Shame it was a hospital appt but at least you got some tasty grub afterwards! X x

  2. Live isn't easy every time. Glad to hear that you finally made it. :) The dress is beautiful. <3

  3. That Asos dress is awesome! I love the print. So glad you two finally went out. I enjoy going to the movies.

  4. Ha! Paul Rudd is totally HOT. And you look gorgeous! Love the dress and print on you! :D Glad you were able to have your date night! :D

    xx Allison of

  5. Becky...I was sat here looking at that top picture trying to figure out where your arms had gone. Swear I'm going blind!

    You look gorgeous! :) xxx

  6. I have this dress, it does not look this awesome on me!

  7. You look hottt , absolutely love that dress xx

  8. Thanks gorgeous ladies x x


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