Why so fat?


Ok, so bear with me on this one, im just kind of sounding off here, just getting some thoughts down on "paper" so-to-speak.

So, Why So Fat? It's something that's been on my mind more and more just lately, but in reality since I was a child, and especially as a teenager, I couldn't understand why I was so fat. The complexities of fat are mind boggling. To a lot of people it's simple, they will assume you are fat because you eat too much, but to this day I strongly maintain fat is and always will be so much more than just food.

For some, fat is about food, maybe too much food for some, maybe the ratio between food and exercise for some. For some fat is about emotions, joyful eating, depressive eating, eating triggered by boredom, and for some fat is about genetics. I don't care what anyone says, if you have fat in your family line, you have a predispotion to being fat. For some, it's a bit of all of the above.

I come from a fat family, both sides, my mum and dad are fat, my paternal grandfather was a substantial chap, my maternal grandmother was, as was her mother. I was brought up on a well balanced diet, no fried food, everything was grilled, boiled and steamed, I ate food from different cultures, every meal included vegetables, everything was made from scratch, no ready meals. Yes we had treats now and then, yes we had a takeaway now and then, but by no means did we ever consume "abnormal" (and I use that term very loosely) amounts of food. So why so fat? I honestly wish I had the answer, even after having a gastric bypass, my body found its natural level at around 18 stone (I have no scales in my house, I refuse to have them) so even after extreme surgery, I'm still not thin.

I have a friend who has 2 daughters, one is quite clearly very much her fathers daughter, she is tall and thin and lean, she looks so much like him, its scary and the other is very much her mothers daughter, also tall, but much thicker set, rounder in shape and face and has her mothers features. They both clearly eat the same diet, mum puts the dinner on the table every night, they eat together as a family. So why is one daughter so different to the other?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that fat is what it is, it's there, it's complex and more than anything, there's nothing wrong with it, fat people are demonised every single day, are judged for apparently making terrible choices, when in fact all they are doing is just living their lives. They have just as much right as the next person to occupy the space they are in, wear the clothes they want to wear, be with the person they want to be with, because a "fat" person isn't a "fat person", they are a person, end of story.

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  1. I completely agree with this! Much the same as you, I was brought up on home cooked, healthy meals every night- hardly ever any bad food apart from the occasional treat. My sister was (and still is) a bean pole, lovely and slim, whereas I seemed to be slim until the age of five where I apparently woke up double the size! I've always been big but I've always eaten the same as the rest of my family and done exercise. People would look at me and think I'm a lazy trollop, without thinking I could be over weight because of a medical condition. The same with my partner, she's a size 14 like me (her dad is overweight) and her sister is a size 8 (like her mum.)
    It's definitely genetic! 'Fat' isn't black and white, but so many people seem to think that every 'fat' person = over eater who does no exercise!

  2. I have twin boys who are different in every way they could be. One has a "healthy" attitude to food/treats and naturally stops eating when he is full, doesn't obsess about food etc. The other boy is like me, obsessed with treats if they are in the house ie wants it there and then. Will eat until his tummy hurts etc. Thankfully he is active so not fat but was chunky from birth next to his lean brother. I think it is not a choice, it is predecided for you. Xxx great post

  3. Totally agree, fab post! My family was below the breadline for many years. I was fat, my brother looked emaciated. We ate the same tiny portions, yet we looked nothing alike. All the women in my family are pears, and we all naturally err on the side of heavy. My mum and two of my aunts have basically starved themselves to be an 'acceptable' size, whereas I haven't. Their bones are probably screwed from all the dieting, mine perhaps not so? Proof AGAIN that health can't be judged from the outside. xx

  4. This is a great piece, agree with you entirely, people actually hate people due to the fact they are overweight and it's disgusting. I question why this is daily.


  5. Well put! I still don't know for sure why am I fat either. There's a little bit of everything, I guess. I do like me some good emotional snack every now and then (although that subsided a lot since I stopped dieting). I do love food. Both sides of my family are bigger people. My mother and sister are thinner than me, but they barely eat ;) I was size 8 too when I was 18 and starved myself (and gained quite a few health problems are a result of that - trying to be thin against your nature can be pretty damn unhealthy too). Oh, and I might (or might not, no doctor could tell me for sure yet) have PCOS. So yeah, who the hell knows? It's complicated. I do wish society would understand it that it's not just about bad eating habits and lack of exercise.

  6. I love this and the thoughts besides the HAAS campaign. Have you seen this video. She speaks for me. Don't give up in the first 3 seconds its amazing ... http://pinterest.com/pin/110971578289892974/

  7. Another person nodding in agreement here. My sister and I live very different lives at different sides of the country. She works full time, eats a lot of convenience foods and does zumba and tap 2-3 times a week. I don't work outside the home, eat mostly home made stuff, eat a bit too much cake and chocolate (!) and swim 2-3 time a week. We are both exactly the same shape and overweight albeit she is 5" shorter than me but proportionally we look the same. My husband eats like a horse and is stick thin. Our son, at the moment, seems to take more after me, but as he has yet to hit puberty I live in hope he'll suddenly shoot up to 6ft tall and slimness!! If you look at a nursery class you will see little girls of all different shapes and sizes and I find it so sad that once we're grown up we're all supposed to look the same.

  8. I so relate to this post. Ive tried every diet, worked out like a mad woman and yet if I let up at all i natuarrly go back to this size. Im kind of at peace with it now but i do sometimes wonder why I tend to put weight on easily when others dont. its one of lifes great mysteries. Would love to say more but motherhood call-needless to say, great post xxx

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone. It's such a complex subject, I'm not sure we'll ever have an answer, and to be honest why should we have to justify it anyway. It is what it is, we need to embrace our figures, whatever size they may be, and get on with living our lives x


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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