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Evening! Just a quick one, I popped into town today to pick up a diary, I desperately needed one. My memory is shocking and with lots of Plus North business coming up along with general day to day appointments, I need to write things down, and although I've got my phone there's nothing quite like writing it in a diary is there?

I was in BHS looking for said diary when I accidentally fell into the Dorothy Perkins concession....ahem... I couldn't resist these cute little bits in the sale, at £3 each it just fell in love, and hey, at least it wasn't a full on clothes splurge! Ha!

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The earring set is great. Now that my hair is super short I feel a bit naked without earrings in and this way I can have a bit of variety. I especially love the hearts and the pointed studs!

Have you picked up any bargains form the sales? I could go mad, but sadly funds won't allow!

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  1. Cute earrings. When I had short hair, I was the same, I had to have my earrings in. I caved and bought the Clements Ribeiro pansy print dress from Evans and a few things from TK Maxx.

  2. Love those earrings! What a great sales find! I'm a lot into stud earrings myself lately, never liked them much before. Funny how one's taste changes over time, huh?

    Sales are killing me this year, I just can't stop shopping. Not buying awful lot, but spending a lot of time in shopping malls. Wasting time like that sometimes can worse than spending money... But it's just so much fun! :D

  3. I love DP's earrings! Actually their jewellery overall is great...even more so when it's in the sale ;-)

  4. Can't beat a good old fashioned paper diary! I wanna see a pic of that! Lol

    Mrs Brown@Mrs Brown's Thoughts

  5. 3 pound special! How can you refuse?! :) xx


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