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I trust you've all recovered from New Year celebrations? I thought I'd share the outfit I wore to go out in, I wasn't going to, because what I wore wasn't particularly exciting, but I posted a quick pic on instagram and everyone was loving it, so just thought I'd pop it on the blog too. This was not the outfit I had planned. I had a fab sparkly body con dress to wear, but when I got it on it just didn't make me feel great, I don't know if it was the bloaty pasta tummy or the fact I couldn't find the right jewellery to go with it, but it just felt wrong, you know?

So I did the only thing I could do when I need a last minute feel great outfit, I pulled out some of my favourite bits of clothes and I made sure I was flashing a bit of boob...

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I wore....

Sheer Shirt - Primark//Tuxedo Jacket - Simply Be//Wet Look Leggings - Simply Be//Court shoes - Clarks//Clutch Bag - Matalan//Boobs - Me ;)

What did you guys get up to on New Years Eve and did your outfits go to plan?

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  1. Gorgeous! Cant go wrong with a bit of boob! :D x

  2. Ooh love this, especially the tux jacket. Hope you had a good night!

    My new years outfit went exactly to plan - I wore pj bottoms and a tshirt. :)

    Bettie xx

  3. I'm loving the dark bra under a light sheer top. It's a bit naughty and I like that! xx

  4. The sheer top looks amazing. xx

  5. Looking gorgeous

  6. Looking amazing as usual! But your right it's also bout feeling good too & if this outfit made you feel comfy then it was the best choice for New Years!

    Mrs Brown @Mrs Brown's Thoughts

  7. Thanks you gorgeous lot, glad you approve ;) x x x


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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