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Ok so, I don't always look stylish every day, I don't always make the effort. Some days I don't even bother getting dressed. On my slobby days, I always find myself nicking Michael's uni hoody as I find a lot of women's ones too short, so when Groupon asked if I'd like to get something from their website, I saw they had an offer on some hooded sweatshirts from Zavvi, so I went and ordered one. It was such a good offer I got one for Michael too.

Using the website was really easy, once I'd received my voucher number from Groupon I went to the Zavvi site, picked the hoody I wanted, added it to my basket and went through the checkout using the code.

I actually purchased Michael's the day after mine, but for some reason Michael's arrived much quicker, mine didn't arrive for over 2 weeks, I'm not sure if it was the Christmas post that held it up or what, but it did arrive in the end. Apart from that little hiccup I found the whole process to be pretty easy.

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Both sweatshirts are brilliant quality, nice and thick, well made and soft to touch.

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I've bought from Groupon several times now and have always found it to be great. What's your experience, do you love voucher deals or have you had a very different experience?

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  1. It's funny, I was thinking about getting me a mens hoodie lately! Gotta remember to check Primark next time I'm there. They have those white shoes lace ones that they ripped from some big name brand, don't remember which ;)

    I haven't used Groupon myself, but I hear it's good for actual product purchases, not so great for services (like manicures, massages and such).

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