Wednesday, 30 January 2013

OOTD - Beam me up Scotty....

Afternoon all! Just a quick one as I've got tonnes of stuff to do today... I got these jeans before Christmas but I've only got round to wearing them today.They're from Asda and I was worried they wouldn't fit, but like a total numpty I didn't try them on or anything! Luckily, they did and they fit really well. I got the 22 regular and they're actually some of the best fitting jeans I've had for a while. I might look at getting some in a regular indigo as they're so comfy and don't have the gaping at the back I usually experience.

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I wore....

Black Jersey T - Love Label//Burgundy Illusion Jeans - George at Asda//Shoes - Matalan//Scarf - H&M

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I was only going to the dentist so it's not exactly a glam outfit, but I do really like the look of these jeans.... Oh and the title? Yeh I think the burgundy with the black stripe down the side kind of looks a bit Star Trek!

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Evans Shape Studio Event

Hello! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend? So, last week I mentioned briefly in an outfit post that I'd gone to London for the Evans Shape Studio Event. Now I've got some photographs back from the event I thought I'd tell you a bit more about it!

I arrived into London around lunch time and met up with the gorgeous Elena, after some lunch and a flying visit to Primark we headed over to Evans HQ just off Oxford Street. The studio was decked out with all the latest SS13 lines, sumptuous accessories and gorgeous shoes..

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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It wasn't long until a whole bevy of blogging beauties turned up and the party really started, with Girls Aloud on the stereo (thanks Tom!) and the bubbly flowing, the atmosphere was great. Over to one side was a photo studio and professional make up artists. It wasn't long before I head over to one of them (I didn't catch her name, but she was a complete babe) it was such a treat to have my make up done professionally, and I loved the results! I went over and picked my first outfit, I chose some leggings from the new Scarlett and Jo range and a beautiful print blouse from the Collection range that proved very popular, I think everyone tried it on!

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Next I tried on the cutest tunic dress from the Scarlett and Jo Range, you can't see it all too well on the pics but it had a gorgeous crochet collar...

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

You might have noticed reading the blog I don't smile opened mouthed at all, this is because I hate my teeth, they're very uneven and I'm terribly conscious of them. I don't know if it was the bubbly or the lovely photographer chappy, but he managed to coax more than one smile out of me!

Next up I grabbed the maxi dress in the same print as the blouse I'd tried on earlier and jumped in for a few shots with Elena!

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I was really impressed with all the new lines, the new Scarlett and Jo collection is a great addition to the Evans family, there's some great pieces in there for everyone.
The release dates for the ranges are..

Scarlett & Jo - 5th Feb
Live Unlimited - 25th March
Collection - 14th April

I'm excited to see them hit the website and shops! And a big thank you Evans for putting on a fab day, as always its very much appreciated!

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Pics courtesy of Evans and Rosie

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Nurture Skin Care Review

Howdy! So today I'm taking a look at the Nurture Skin Care Range. When I was approached by them, I must confess it was not a brand I'd heard of, but to be completely honest,as someone who does not follow a skin care regime, I've not really heard of any! Yes, that's right, I'm one of those terrible people who sleeps in make up, if I do take it off it's either with a make-up wipe or one of Poppy's baby wipes! I don't moisturise very often and I definitely don't exfoliate or any of that jazz! I've always been the same, I try but I just forget!

So I thought it would be a challenge to myself to try and get myself into a routine. The products I was sent are the Replenish Facial Wash and the Replenish Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Complex.

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The face wash is really nice to use, it has a pleasant fragrance that isn't too overpowering, it froths up but not too much and left my skin feeling refreshed without any dryness. I've only been using it every other day, as, well I forgot as per usual, but it seems to be agreeing with my skin, I haven't had any reactions to it, and although I've had the odd spot, they've been my usual monthly hormonal ones, nothing abnormal.

The pigmentation cream isn't the most pleasant smelling of products if I'm honest, but it goes on well and and soaks into my skin nicely. I haven't been using it long enough or frequent enough to notice any change, but I'll stick with it and see if it helps with some of the problem areas a have.

The products have a luxurious feel and look to them, all in all I was impressed with the products, especially the face wash and at a mid price range I think they are good value for money.

Nurture carry a wide range of skin care products divided into the protect range and the replenish range, you can view them here...

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Why so fat?

Ok, so bear with me on this one, im just kind of sounding off here, just getting some thoughts down on "paper" so-to-speak.

So, Why So Fat? It's something that's been on my mind more and more just lately, but in reality since I was a child, and especially as a teenager, I couldn't understand why I was so fat. The complexities of fat are mind boggling. To a lot of people it's simple, they will assume you are fat because you eat too much, but to this day I strongly maintain fat is and always will be so much more than just food.

For some, fat is about food, maybe too much food for some, maybe the ratio between food and exercise for some. For some fat is about emotions, joyful eating, depressive eating, eating triggered by boredom, and for some fat is about genetics. I don't care what anyone says, if you have fat in your family line, you have a predispotion to being fat. For some, it's a bit of all of the above.

I come from a fat family, both sides, my mum and dad are fat, my paternal grandfather was a substantial chap, my maternal grandmother was, as was her mother. I was brought up on a well balanced diet, no fried food, everything was grilled, boiled and steamed, I ate food from different cultures, every meal included vegetables, everything was made from scratch, no ready meals. Yes we had treats now and then, yes we had a takeaway now and then, but by no means did we ever consume "abnormal" (and I use that term very loosely) amounts of food. So why so fat? I honestly wish I had the answer, even after having a gastric bypass, my body found its natural level at around 18 stone (I have no scales in my house, I refuse to have them) so even after extreme surgery, I'm still not thin.

I have a friend who has 2 daughters, one is quite clearly very much her fathers daughter, she is tall and thin and lean, she looks so much like him, its scary and the other is very much her mothers daughter, also tall, but much thicker set, rounder in shape and face and has her mothers features. They both clearly eat the same diet, mum puts the dinner on the table every night, they eat together as a family. So why is one daughter so different to the other?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that fat is what it is, it's there, it's complex and more than anything, there's nothing wrong with it, fat people are demonised every single day, are judged for apparently making terrible choices, when in fact all they are doing is just living their lives. They have just as much right as the next person to occupy the space they are in, wear the clothes they want to wear, be with the person they want to be with, because a "fat" person isn't a "fat person", they are a person, end of story.

Off Duty BeBe

Ok so, I don't always look stylish every day, I don't always make the effort. Some days I don't even bother getting dressed. On my slobby days, I always find myself nicking Michael's uni hoody as I find a lot of women's ones too short, so when Groupon asked if I'd like to get something from their website, I saw they had an offer on some hooded sweatshirts from Zavvi, so I went and ordered one. It was such a good offer I got one for Michael too.

Using the website was really easy, once I'd received my voucher number from Groupon I went to the Zavvi site, picked the hoody I wanted, added it to my basket and went through the checkout using the code.

I actually purchased Michael's the day after mine, but for some reason Michael's arrived much quicker, mine didn't arrive for over 2 weeks, I'm not sure if it was the Christmas post that held it up or what, but it did arrive in the end. Apart from that little hiccup I found the whole process to be pretty easy.

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Both sweatshirts are brilliant quality, nice and thick, well made and soft to touch.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I've bought from Groupon several times now and have always found it to be great. What's your experience, do you love voucher deals or have you had a very different experience?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Instantprint Giveaway!

Hello! So the lovely Steph at Best British Bloggers contacted me to see if I'd like to run a giveaway for my readers, Ermmm hell yeh! So in conjunction with them and Instaprint I'm delighted to be giving away 4 sets of 1000 business cards to 4 of my lovely readers.

So before I tell you what you need to do, I thought I'd do a quick review because there would be no point in me holding a giveaway for something if I was to later find out it wasn't good quality. Luckily I have no worries on that front, the business cards I received are great. I went for the matt option which gives them a really modern finish, the cards themselves are a good heavy card. They look and feel of a high quality and professional.

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The website was easy to use and my cards arrived quickly and well packaged. I'm so excited to offer you this prize because if you're just starting up a business, a blog or fancy updating your current venture, it can be expensive getting new stationery so if this helps a few of you just a little bit then I couldn't be happier! So it might not be the most glamorous of prizes but it's definitely a useful one!

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So all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a set of the business cards is use the rafflecopter thingymejig below, you know the score...

Saturday, 19 January 2013

OOTD: Half awake in paisley print...

Just a quick outfit post, I picked this rather fabulous skirt up from the clothes swap, so thank you to whoever brought it in! I'm not quite sure if I've found "my way to wear it" but this is a good start, I love the vibrancy of the colours and the pleats. I'm not sure if it's vintage,it seems like it in to good a condition, but the print and style and lack of label made me think maybe?

I can't get enough of my chambray shirt at the moment, when a I first got it a couple of years ago I hardly wore it, but it's really doing it for me of late!

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As you can see the snow is still around but I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is the last of it for now, it was a bit windy too, I nearly had a Marilyn moment!

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

How would you wear this skirt? (if at all that is, I'm aware it's not to everyone's taste!)

Friday, 18 January 2013

London bound OOTD

Hey hey! You might have seen on twitter that yesterday I headed down to London for the Evans Shape Studio Event, which I will write about in more detail next week, but I thought I'd post a quick pic of the outfit I wore. I've used the picture which had the flash on as it shows the colour of the dress a bit better. Also bear in mind I took this pic at 11.30pm after a 3 hour train journey home!

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I picked the dress up from the ASOS sale, I ordered my usual 22, I found it to be quite generous, so it might be worth sizing down. They still have all sizes apart from the 18 here

Whilst I've been on my travels I've been grateful for my new toy, I was lucky enough to be sent some Hearmuffs, kinda what it says on the tin, they are ear muffs with built in head phones and at -8 as it was yesterday morning and with my very short hair, I was thankful for the warmth! I use the, with my iPhone 5 and the sound quality is great.

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I think they're super cute and have been a life saver in this cold weather!

Has the snow reached you guys yet? Have you got any cool gadgets or clothing that's helping you combat the cold?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Busy BeBe

Hey hey! I seem to be really, really busy at the moment, so thought I'd stick my head round the door, say hello and then collapse in a big heap!

On Saturday, I went over to Leeds for the Plus Size Clothes Swap, the events happened 4 times now I think and I've wanted to go for ages so I was so excited for my first time. Held at the Wharf Chambers in Leeds and this time was organised by Rebecca and Lolly (and thank you to anyone else who helped that I haven't mentioned).

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I brought a little suitcase packed with dresses, trousers, tops and knitwear ready to distribute across the tables. I came away with a dress and some tops, I went for a couple of bits that I wouldn't usually wear in an attempt to challenge my wardrobe, so I'm looking forward to styling them. I also picked up the most awesome printed skirt which looks vintage, but not sure if it is as I has no labels, so can't wait to wear that one! As usual I was completely socially awkward and didn't talk properly to anyone as I should have, so for that I'm sorry! But thanks to Rebecca and Lolly for a lovely afternoon.

Yesterday the snow came, much to my daughters excitement. Personally I can't stand the stuff, but it was very cute to see how excited Poppy was. So first thing this morning, still in my PJ's we got our wellies and big warm coats on and played in the snow.

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Tomorrow I head off to Manchester to meet up with Toni where we've got a few meetings and view the venue for Plus North, exciting! Providing its everything we hope it will be we'll be able to let you guys know this week!

Then on Thursday I'm headed to London for an event with Evans, I'm excited to be catching up with all my blogging babes and as always seeing what's new over at Evans!

I'll try and bang a few outfit posts up this week, but with the weather as it it, don't expect anything too stylish! Ha ha!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Thank you for the days......

I know I talk a lot about my depression on here, and in part it's beacause having an outlet is a great help to me, but believe it or not, I do have happy days and ok days and distinctly average days, but today has been a really, really lovely day and for that I'm truly thankful.

This morning we took Poppy ice skating for the first time, she was so good, her balance was great and she was so well behaved, I could not have been more proud. On a personal note I have had a massive fear of ice since being a child myself having had a really bad fall, so the fact I went on the ice with her today, and skated fairly well and didn't fall was a personal triumph! Poor Mr BeBe was a different story, the words Bambi and Frank Spencer spring to mind! Ha!! but in all fairness he has never been ice skating in his life, so for his very first time I'm also very proud of him!

This afternoon we went to see Les Miserables, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I absolutely love the stage musical, so I was very, very excited to see the film version, and for me it didn't disappoint, it was visually stunning and most of the vocal performances were amazing, sadly Russell Crowes vocals for me weren't strong enough but his acting more than made up for it.

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A very happy me just about to see the film! After the film we went for a big gut busting carvery, then home to a belated Christmas present from my mum, a comfy onesie and a cup of tea... All is well in the world.

So, what makes you happy? Is it the simple things in life or maybe something a bit more lavish?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Off With Her Head!


Some of you will be aware I'm involved with my local Burlesque scene, I used to be stage manager for the local cooperative before I had Poppy and now I just help out when I can with singing, working on the door that kind of thing. 

A big part of Burlesque for me is the dressing up, the escapism, I love the music, the atmosphere and more importantly seeing everyone in their finery!! So When I saw that Lisa from Off With Her Head Millinery was looking for bloggers to try out some of her bespoke pieces I sent off an email as fast as my little chubby fingers could type. It turns out I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the bloggers and waited with great anticipation to see what Lisa would send for me to try.....

Oh my......


Erm hello dancing skeletons... AMAZING

I usually wear this style of fascinator, so I was over the moon when it arrived, the attention to detail is stunning and I love the dancing skeletons, so, so cool. The head piece is finished immaculately with an awesome neon pink fabric on the reverse and plastic comb to fix onto your hair...


Like I said I do wear a lot of pieces in this style but I've never had one made this beautifully. Lisa's work is stunning, something in this style would retail around the £25-£30 mark on her site. You can buy them pre-made on Lisa's website or you can have a bespoke piece made to order. For those of you who love vintage styling, Lisa's work is second to none. I'm just hoping someone invites me to a wedding soon so I can have something amazing made up.

I wore mine with a wig as I think my modern cropped hair doesn't really scream vintage and I would have had some better pictures had my husband not dropped his phone down the loo, so I'm afraid this is all I've got of me wearing it, I got loads of compliments on the night, everyone loved the design.


If you are on the look out for something a bit different, maybe for a vintage event, a wedding or just every day fabulousness, I can't recommend Off With Her Head Millinery highly enough.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

No spots on me..

Well actually there are... Lots of spots! So today I was supposed to be going on a good old charity shop, but my darling friend totally forgot, so I was stood up! It's ok, we rescheduled for next week, so I was all dressed up with nowhere to go!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I wore...
Chambray Shirt - South (past season)
Jersey Long Sleeve T - Love Label (past season)
Spotty Skirt - New Look (past season)
Boots - Barratts

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

What did I do after the hubs took my pics? I put my pyjamas on and cleaned kitchen. Rock and fricking roll baby! We then sat down to watch a film, I was lucky enough to get my mitts on some Blinkbox codes, so we've been enjoying a few films together. I've never really thought to watch movies online before, but it was really easy to use and the quality was as good if not better than watching a DVD.
So being stood up wasn't all that bad in the end!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Kim's Girls - Review


So those of you who follow me on twitter might remember me asking if you could fill out a short survey for 2 fashion students, I'm always happy to help, in whatever small way I can, people who are striving to make a difference in the Plus Size world.

I think without further ado I should hand over to the girls and they can tell you their story....

We're Chelsea and Charlotte (twins) we're 18 and live in Plymouth. We've been plus size girls all our lives (both roughly a size 24) so around 6 months ago we were shopping in newlook's inspire section and we became quite angry that it had been moved to the back of the shop hidden away and you had to walk through the childrens and maternity section to get to it. We were utterly fed up! We couldn't go shopping with our friends and we couldn't go round these stores buying what we liked we had to ignore everything in fashion and head straight to the back and hope we find something. Its true we had evans but we find it expensive at times and isn't always aimed at young women. There is a few places online we can shop but we feel like there still isn't the variety in comparison to mainstream sizes. So we've been researching the fashion world for months and decided to join the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy so that we had the support we needed to try and fix this problem and we've produced Kim's Girls.

  Kim's Girls is all about empowering plus size equality, giving women the confidence they need to love their curves. We want to give women a brand they can trust from women who know what they're talking about after all we don't know how not to be plus size! It's who we are. Kim's Girls will provide fashionable clothing, we want not to give plus size women their own fashion but what other sizes can have and more! The products we're selling at the moment are to test the market, so they're premade but are chosen by us! We have and will continue to select items that will reflect the quality and style aims of our own clothing line. The aim is to have our own clothing line by the end end of next year.

We are currently selling our items through our eBay store, our products are available in sizes 16-26 but this is something we are aiming to expand on.

  We are a start-up business so we want to test the market as much as possible to get this right! Kim's Girls stands for honesty and realism and loving our curves!

  Our survey is an ongoing research tool

And you can contact us via social media...

Twitter - @PJEAchels_char 

The girls were generous enough to send me one of the tunics and a pair of leggings they are selling as part of their test marketing period.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

It's from the Praslin range which I know is stocked in a couple of other plus size sites, but for me it's the first time I've tried it. I had no idea what to expect and when the tunic arrived I wasn't sure it was my style or that I liked it, but when I got it on I was more than pleasantly surprised! It looked great on, the sizing was spot on and I loved the stud detailing.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I teamed it with my biker jacket, leggings and heeled boots.... And apparently a duck face....hmmm

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The quality of this tunic is lovely and I love the print. The leggings are lovely quality too, but they are 3/4 so not quite the weather, but I'll be sure to blog them at a later date.

If you like what you see and want to support these two young ladies, then head over to their eBay shop and check it out.

And at £20.99 with free P&P they are priced very competitively! Make sure you follow the girls on twitter and say hello!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

To the Point....

Evening! Just a quick one, I popped into town today to pick up a diary, I desperately needed one. My memory is shocking and with lots of Plus North business coming up along with general day to day appointments, I need to write things down, and although I've got my phone there's nothing quite like writing it in a diary is there?

I was in BHS looking for said diary when I accidentally fell into the Dorothy Perkins concession....ahem... I couldn't resist these cute little bits in the sale, at £3 each it just fell in love, and hey, at least it wasn't a full on clothes splurge! Ha!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The earring set is great. Now that my hair is super short I feel a bit naked without earrings in and this way I can have a bit of variety. I especially love the hearts and the pointed studs!

Have you picked up any bargains form the sales? I could go mad, but sadly funds won't allow!

Friday, 4 January 2013

How do you do?

This is a bit of a post more for the bloggers out there, but don't click that cross just yet, I'll try and cover a couple of other bits, I promise.  

So, last year I was lucky enough to get myself an iPad. I'd worked a couple of gigs over the summer and decided to use the money to buy myself an iPad, my laptop at the time had just died a major death too, so it was an ideal time really.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
No posed at all I tell you, at all!

I bought it really with blogging in mind, I thought it would be great to be able to have a tool at my disposable that was completely mobile, I could use whilst travelling without having to lug an unwieldy laptop around and even though I couldnt afford to have a 3G option on it, I still use the word processing apps to jot ideas down, compose blog posts in draft and then copy and paste them into blogger when I have access to wifi.  

I've been asked several times now if an iPad is the right option for blogging. I'll be completely honest, compared to a laptop or desktop it can be a bit more challenging, but once I got the hang of it, I really enjoy using it for blogging. The only downside is that accessing blogger through the browser on an iPad means you can't use the "compose" function, or at least I haven't found it easy to, so I use the HTML option which for me is easier anyway, because I use photobucket to store all my photos and use a HTML link to upload photos, so it's pretty easy once you know how. The only thing lacking for me is that due to my limited HTML skills, my formatting can be a little haphazard, so I don't justify my text and centre my photos like I would if I was using a laptop. But with a few basics like knowing <p> is the code for paragraph, I find I can get by ok!

"Why don't you use an app?!" I can hear some of you crying! Well I have tried a couple of blogging apps, but I haven't found one that suits my needs yet, I don't like the way on the blogger app you can only put your pics at the bottom of the post, and not interspersed through the post. I've had similar problems with unofficial apps too, but, if you do know of one that works great for blogger and the iPad, please, please let me know, I'd be so interested in trying it out!

For more general use I've found the iPad invaluable, Poppy loves using it for games and movies, and I love using it for social media (y'all know I'm a twitter-holic) and browsing the web. Even my mum finds it easy to use and trust me, that's a miracle in itself.  So all in all I'd say if you're looking for a flexible, mobile option for blogging, you can't go wrong with an iPad.

Carphone Warehouse have a great selection of iPads  and tablets at the moment you can check them out here...

So indeed How do you do? What do you use to blog, are you a Desktop kind of blogger, a tablet or Laptop? 

**sponsored post**

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Plan B

I trust you've all recovered from New Year celebrations? I thought I'd share the outfit I wore to go out in, I wasn't going to, because what I wore wasn't particularly exciting, but I posted a quick pic on instagram and everyone was loving it, so just thought I'd pop it on the blog too. This was not the outfit I had planned. I had a fab sparkly body con dress to wear, but when I got it on it just didn't make me feel great, I don't know if it was the bloaty pasta tummy or the fact I couldn't find the right jewellery to go with it, but it just felt wrong, you know?

So I did the only thing I could do when I need a last minute feel great outfit, I pulled out some of my favourite bits of clothes and I made sure I was flashing a bit of boob...

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I wore....

Sheer Shirt - Primark//Tuxedo Jacket - Simply Be//Wet Look Leggings - Simply Be//Court shoes - Clarks//Clutch Bag - Matalan//Boobs - Me ;)

What did you guys get up to on New Years Eve and did your outfits go to plan?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Bra...

Erm yeh, probably not the inspirational type post you might have been looking for on the very first day of the year, but bear with me it kind of is.

Back in November-ish Toni and I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Heather from Panache, we had a good old chinwag about blogging and bras and Plus North and all sorts to be honest! We also talked about sports bras and how I've been wanting to do some kind of exercise but didn't want to until I knew I had the right support for my boobs, Heather very kindly said I could try out one of the panache sports bras, which she sent through in December. So admittedly it's taken me all this while to get round to trying it and actually do some exercise!

Before I talk about the bra, I want to talk a little bit about the exercise. First and foremost I'm not doing this to lose weight. Some of you may know I'm very anti-diets for personal reasons and after years of heartache, yoyo dieting and the rather drastic gastric bypass, I swore no more, BUT I do want to be healthy, I want to keep fit, make sure I can run up and down the stairs without collapsing in a big heap. I believe my size does has nothing to do with this, but my fitness levels do, so I'd like to improve on them. As you may also know, I have mental health issues and I do genuinely feel great after exercise, so I'm looking on it as a mood enhancer too!

So onto to boobage... The bra itself is an unapologetic shade of neon pink! Its awesome, I didn't think I'd be a pink girl, but I have to admit its pretty cool. I got the 38FF I normally take a 38G but for some reason I felt I should size down in a sports bra and I think I was right, I don't fill this bra at all, in fact I'm not sure if I should have got the F, but having said that, I'm not a bra expert, so I'm not sure how a sports bra is supposed to sit, any advice is welcome!

After a few energetic jumps, I decided it felt secure enough to try my fitness DVD.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The bra is underwired, the central gore whe the wire is, is concealed beneath the vest style outer, it did sit flat against my. Chest, so that's a good thing. For all the details on the bra, you can click here for the direct link

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The band was very snug, a little restrictive if I'm honest, but it will give with time, so I'm ok with that.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Extreme Close-up woaaahhhhh! Ha sorry about that, just wanted you to see the detailing of the bra, honest!

Over all I'm really pleased with this bra, it felt very supportive and I love the appearance of it. And as for the workout? I did 30 mins, but it's 30 mins more than I did yesterday!

Are any of you guys looking to improve your fitness? What kind of thing are you getting up to?