Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Stop.... Pyjama time!

Oh yeh, you read it right, I'm doing a post about my new pyjamas. I fear I have hit a new low, but I care not, I've had a tough day, I bought myself some new PJ's and I'm gonna show you.

I is a bit broken....... But its ok, i have new PJ's!

So now for the technical stuff.... I picked up these bad boys from Tesco, they're not on the site, but head on over for more beautious pyjamas. The 20/22 is more than spacious for my more like 22/24 ass, hoorah!.... and a lot of their PJ's come as seperates so you can mix and match and make up your own look. YAS.

A more sensible shot of said pyjamas...

A crappy day not only deserves new pyjamas, it deserves an indoor picnic with the husband and babba involving lots of food that makes me happy and then movie night with the lovely hubs.

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you've had a tough day or are down in the dumps?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Five Take: A Hat

Hello all! Hope you've had a great week. I've had an eventful one if nothing else! I hurt my foot on Friday and spent 3 hours in A&E, oh dear, silly Mrs BeBe!
So anyway, dramas aside, I managed to hobble into the back garden and enjoy the last of the sunshine. I thought I'd wear my one and only summer hat that I bought whilst on a day out to Skegness a couple of years ago, not bad for a £5 seaside hat eh?!

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It would appear I've fallen asleep, ha! Let's just say I'm relaxing my eyes!

What I wore....
Hat - Skegness seafront!
Necklace - Primark (past season)
Black dip hem T-shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Orange Jeans - New Look
Black Sandals - Primark (past season)

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

So there you have it, that's me, in a hat. Not 100% convinced it suits me but guess it keeps the sun off your bonce!
Don't forget to check out the other Five Takers to see what head gear they've got on!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tesco Voucher Giveaway!

So; not content with last weeks giveaway I thought I'd just hit you straight away with another one... BOOM!

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So as you might have seen on Toni's post we had a slight technical hitch at Plus North and it would seem we didn't have a winner for one of the F&F vouchers, fantastic for you guys because you're now in with the chance of winning a £100, yes £100! voucher to spend online with F&F WOWZERS!!!!
OK so Toni came up with some fandangled way to enter, much more sophisticated than my last prize draw you'll agree!!
you have 6 chances To win, UK entries only. What are you waiting for?!! Go my pretties... a Rafflecopter giveaway

Aaaaand the winner is.....

Ok so, thank you for all your entries. In an oh so sophisticated way, I've now drawn the winners for the Ann Harvey scarves....

So here's me in a fez... Yeh bear with me....

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

So the winners are... Saundra, Caroline and Stefi J. If you can email me on mrsbebeblog@live.co.uk with your full names and addresses that would be great! Congratulations!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunny Simplicity

I made a promise to myself that this summer I wouldn't wear black, well summer never really happened did it? Until this week that is, so what did I do today? Wear black! Ha! But it wasn't because I wanted to hide away or wear something flattering, I do think that a black outfit, even in Summer can look really chic. 

I reviewed this dress a while back, but again due to the wether at the time I popped a jumper underneath and some black tights, but it is actually better suited to summer, it's a lightweight linen/viscose mix, so it has that cool feeling of linen but doesn't instantly crease upon, well, breathing.

I accessorised with a thin belt and sparkly sandals, and of course, sunglasses!

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Don't be too blinded by milk bottle legs....
What have you been wearing now the summer is actually here?!

Plus North - Part 2

Well hello! I said I wasn't sure how many parts I would do, but I think their are so many great Plus North blog posts out there, that everything really has been said. So all that's left really is quick note on my outfit!

I was so busy on the day there's actually not that many pics of me, but I've borrowed some from other folks so you can get a rough idea. In the end I went for chic, simple and comfortable. I knew I'd be running around a lot so I had to find something that would be durable for the day, not crease up but look stylish.

I went with a gorgeous navy drape maxi from Chesca. I first fell in love with this dress when we visited the Chesca studio a couple of months ago. I did have another dress lined up but unfortunately it was bit small in the bust, so when I found myself dress-less the lovely Pete from Chesca had already said should I need a dress for the event to give him a call, so that's what I did!!

As with my gorgeous jumpsuit from Chesca, the dress did not disappoint, the heavy viscose is so great on, it hangs beautifully but has lots of stretch in it for freedom of movement.

Slightly blurry but it gives you an idea of the shape..
Photograph Courtesy of Rouge Noir PR

I'm such a cheese-meister....
Photograph courtesy of Mhairi

Here's the dress itself on the website...

Navy jersey drape dress
Navy Jersey Drape Dress

I wore the dress with some multi coloured sandals from Primark, big mistake, the zip kept falling down, I had to keep bending over to do it up! Sorry for those who kept getting greeted by my bum all day! My jewellery was from H&M, just went for beautiful turquoise necklace and bangles...

So there you go! As Toni and I look to next years event we'll probably popping a questionnaire up over the next few weeks to gauge what you  liked/disliked about the event (if you attended) and what you might like to do next year.

I know its been said a million times, but we really did have the best time, and it was a great honour to put on such an event for all your wonderful ladies out there and we can't wait for the next one!! 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Five Take: Fluorescents

Ooh it's Sunday, it's Five Take, and I'm actually on time this week. Amazing! For those of you not familiar with Five Take, I stole this from Nicole...

"The idea behind Five Take is pretty simple. One theme, five people… resulting in five different looks. The only restriction is having to shop from our closets. Sounds easy enough, right?"

I'll be completely honest, this week filled me with dread and fear... Fluorescents, oh dear, I like colour and prints, but Fluorescents, are you kidding me? The last time I wore anything of that nature was 1988 in the form of cycling shorts, and it's a look I ever plan on revisiting, trust me! I did however remember that I used to wear friendship bracelets of a Fluorescent nature, I also remembered that I got some great shoe laces from We Love Colors as part of the Plus North goody bags. I only own about 2 pairs of shoes that lace up, so I knew I wouldn't use them as laces, and then I had a brain wave!

I thought it might be nice to use them to make a bracelet instead!

This is probably not the best how-to guide, so why not check out...
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L-R clockwise, get your desired string/laces/wool, whatever you want to use, along with two pieces of "internal" string, it doesn't matter too much what this looks like as it barely visible. Then tie a knot in the top and affix to a cushion or something secure. (I do mine on my trouser leg!)
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L-R clockwise, starting on the left, loop the left string over the central "reservation" if you will. Cross the right string over the top of the left string, under, and behind the central strings, then out through the left loop, pull both strings until they are firmly in place, but not too tight as to distort, now repeat but exactly opposite starting with the right string... It "should" look like this...
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I didn't wear anything too thrilling with my bracelet I'm afraid, just having a lazy Sunday so I wore my black column maxi with my denim shirt tied up...
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Maxi Dress - Littlewoods (previous season)
Denim Shirt - Littlewoods (previous season)
Sandals (just seen) - Tesco via charity shop
Bracelet - hand made using We Love Colors neon laces
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So what do you think?! Are you crafty, I like making stuff like this as I find it quite relaxing, do you or does it drive you batty?!
Don't forget to check out the othe Five Takers and see how they incorporated Fluorescents into their outfits this week!
Gina - Fat Fit Fine

Friday, 20 July 2012

Swings and roundabouts....

Hey! Just a quick one today. My folks came over so we took Poppy to the park, even though it was raining and we had to wipe the slide down with kitchen roll! Ha my rock n roll baby!
So the lovely folk over at Curvissa sent me this gorgeous checked shirt , I thought it would be ideal for a drizzly day like today. I seem to have been rocking a lot of casual looks of late, I promise I will glam up soon, but for now I'm going for comfy cute! Ha ha!
The shirt itself is a light brushed cotton so super soft and cosy, but because it's really light weight you don't get too hot in it. As with most of the Curvissa range, I did had to size up, and with this one, quite considerably, I went to a 28. Which doesn't bother me, as long as it fits I don't care what the label says, but if I, as a 22 has to go up to a 28 that means the top end of sizes will miss out, although I guess that too depends on how you like your clothes to fit, or what style you're looking for. I think this style of shirt looks great loose and casual. But having said that, I guess you could wear it fitted and tucked into a cute skirt?
Any way I digress, this is me in said shirt....

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I wore it with simple jeans and pumps and then popped on a leopard print scarf, I love clashing leopard print with... Well everything, I love it with checks, stripes, florals it just makes sense to me!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
As you can see from the pic, the shirt actually has a denim/chambray trim which is really cute, I love little details like that...
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
So there you go. I said it was quick... Well as quick as I can possibly be ;)

** Disclosure.. This item was gifted to me for review. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own**

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Five Take: Sheer

Oh so late again, things are so crazy at the moment, so my apologies! So this week were doing sheer, I love how this trend been everywhere this year and has moved from just tops to trousers and skirts, I especially love the sheer maxi skirts with the half lining in them, I'm yet to acquire one but think they look fab.
I've got quite a few sheer tops in my wardrobe, I decided to wear this one because it's the most apparent so-to-speak. I think if I was wearing this in the day time I'd wear a vest top as opposed to just the bra, but I thought it would be nice to try it with the bra. I think in hindsight a flesh coloured bra would have looked better too, but it was worth a try.so, here is my sheer look... *booby alert*

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Please excuse the terrible photograph, we thought we'd try taking one outside but it was too dark, but Michael thought it looked quite 70's so I've kept it in for a laugh!
To be fair the photos from inside aren't much better!

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What I wore...
Bird print shirt - Clothing at Tesco (past season)
Jeans - Simply Be
Pumps - New Look

Head on over to the other Five Take folk to see how they took on sheer!

Gina - Fat Fit Fine

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shape of things to come?

Hello all, hope you're well? I'm yet to put my Five Take post up, hoping to get the photos done today, I've been having camera problems so I've been relying on my iPhone which requires another set of hands (i.e. Mr BeBe) anyway, in the mean time I thought I'd put a little post up about a couple of emails I've had through and a trend I've seen becoming more and more apparent within the plus size clothing arena - shape dressing.
No, it's not a new thing, women have been advised since time begun to accentuate their waistlines, avoid x, wear y, the likes of Gok Wan and Nicky Hambleton Jones have made a living out of it, but, of late it seems to be popping up on every plus size retailers websites and shop windows.

Now I like to dress well, I like to wear clothes that make me feel good, but something about being dictated to about what I should and shouldn't wear sits most uncomfortably with me. If I think an outfit requires a belt I'll put one on, but I won't wear one for the sake of it to "accentuate" my waist. My legs are not the most amazing of pins, but if I want to wear a short skirt or cut off denim shorts by jove I will! I'm also not all together comfortable with being likened to a fruit or an implement that tells me when my boiled eggs are done.
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Take a look at the advice M&S offer here

But, in the interests of balance I have to say, if you're not body confident, or a confident dresser and these shape guides make you feel better about your shopping trips, who am I to judge? I just want every woman, plus size or not, all shapes and sizes to feel confident in their clothes and ultimately their bodies. And it may be a bit of a chicken and egg situation but once you feel body confident you will feel clothes confident, but clothes confidence may just make you feel more body confident...hmmm.

What are your thoughts on shape dressing do you love it, do you adhere to the rules, or are you a clothes rebel, do you follow your gut and wear what feels good?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Oh so casual - GIVEAWAY

Hey you lot! You OK? I've been so busy feel like I've been neglecting you, so thought I'd do a little giveaway to say thank you for your continued reading and for those who didn't get a chance to come to Plus North to win a little slice of the action. Amongst all the discount codes, and other goodies the lovely folks at Ann Harvey in association with Clothing at Tesco gave us some fabulous, exclusive Scarves. These gorgeous light weight coral/orange scarves will brighten up even the dullest of days and I have 3 to give away!! Ann Harvey have some great stuff in at the moment too, a lot of which is 50% off!! Click here to check it out!  -

Here's me having a super casual day, jeans, pumps, dress and of course my super scarf.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
Do you like my bush?.... sorry couldn't resist!

What I wore...

Scarf - Exclusive Ann Harvey

T-shirt Dress - Primark (Similar Here)

Jeans - Simply Be (Similar Here)
Trainers - Cath Kidston (out of stock)
Bag - Clarks 

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Its a hard life....

SO, for you to be in with a chance of winning one of 3 of these gorgeous scarves all you have to do is the following...

- Follow me on Google Friend Connect
- Follow me on Twitter
- Like my facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/mrsbebeblog
- Leave a comment below
- Tweet the following "I've entered @MrsBeBe_ 's draw to win an @annharveyonline @clothingattesco scarf visit http://theramblingsofmrsbebe.blogspot.co.uk/ for your chance to win"

Not asking much then! :-/ The competition closes at Midnight, this Sunday 22nd July, when I will pick 3 winners, GOOD LUCK!

Hey you can look as smug as me in yours too!! LOL

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Five Take - Belts

Eek I'm so sorry this is so late, but as those of you who regularly follow me on twitter or read the blog, you'll know I've been super busy with Plus North, and it looks to continue that way as week work towards next years and look at some other work around plus size clothing and body acceptance. Which is all very exciting!!
But in the mean time, the fabulous Five Take continues and this week were doing belts! I'm a huge fan of belts and have quite the collection now, but not so long ago the plus size belt was a thing of mystical myth, a rarity indeed, but of late there seems to be more and more popping up on the high street which is GREAT. There's still a way to go, let's not forget those retailers who insist on using the same size belt for all their dresses, from 12-26 so anything past an 18 doesn't have a hope in hell of fitting in it!
One place I didn't think to look for belts is Yours, to be completely honest I don't think to look in Yours for much at all, but I really was pleasantly surprised when I looked in my local branch the other week, some really nice trousers in bright colours, lots of great nautical looks and some lovely on trend high-low hem dresses!

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What I wore....
Duck print dress - Primark (in store now)
Leggings - George at Asda
Leopard print brogues - ASOS (via eBay)
Coral and cream belt - Yours

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Don't for get to check out the other Five Take ladies and their belts....

Gina - Fat Fit Fine

How do you feel about belts? I know for some they can be uncomfortable, where as for others, a complete wardrobe staple...

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Plus North - Part One

Once upon a time there was a girl Called Becky, she started a blog inspired by the most fabulous set of strong, stylish and of course Plus Size women she had spent many months reading. As the Months went by she was lucky enough to be invited to some rather swanky do's in that there London, which was bloody marvellous, but, train fares don't come cheap, neither do hotels in our fair capital. So she thought it might be nice to organise something up north, a chance for a change of scenery, something a bit closer to home for all the northern based bloggers and maybe make the London contingent do a bit of travelling for a change....

And so Plus North was born. Right...! I'll stop now with the story telling shall I? Anyway, as you know the lovely Toni got on board and as they say, the rest is history. We started planning back in February, the 6 months have flown by and I can't quite believe its all over an done with! We started off with quite modest plans but it all kind of snowballed and the once planned small bloggers meet became a huge event of which Toni and I are very proud.

Really its just a series of posts to show you some of the fab pictures that were taken, a few thank you's and a bit more about the future...

I think one of the best parts of the day was the "Mighty Boof!" - Every one just seemed to have so much fun, I only managed to jump in quickly with Mr BeBe and ours are really tame compared to everyone else's. You can see everyone else's here they are SO funny....

We look like a complete pair of tools, which to be fair...we are!!
The Lovely Meg who is the official Simply Be photographer caught lots of great snaps, you can see the full set here, here's are some of my faves though...

L-R Mhairi, Me, Toni
Photograph courtesy of Simply Be

Our beautiful, brave and gorgeous models with their Simply Be Goody Bags
Photograph courtesy of Simply Be

I'm yet to get the official snaps from our photographer, but heres some more of my favourites...

Love this one of Me & Toni
Photograph Courtesy of Janie Britton -  http://janie.skyeladder.com/

The venue just starting to fill up...
Photography by Rebecca Northcott © 2012

OK so, I think I'll have to spread it across a couple of posts, but needless to say we had the best day ever. There's lots of posts up already, I'm planning on popping them all up on the Plus North blog and probably on here too. Part 2 to follow!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An open letter to Gemma Collins....

Dear Gemma,

We need to talk.... It would seem for some time now you've been touting yourself as the plus size poster girl, a chubby people's princess if you will. But it would seem you're a bit of a fraud, a charlatan amongst our ranks. 

Your  constant dieting, fat camp visiting, fat shaming ways aren't going unnoticed. For months now a teaser campaign has been running for your "Plus Size" clothing line, promising all us fat girls an exciting range, a range that will save us from our depressing world of black tents (patronising much?) - so, with baited breath we await your range, then finally, yesterday, we were given a sneak peak, ok... Some dresses, some bright colours... Nothing to set the fashion world alight, but in our limited market place we welcome any new additions and widening of choice...... Then BOOM... Sizes range from 16-22...!!! Pardon? I'm sorry?  Anyone who shops for plus size clothing knows getting clothes up to a 22 is a relatively more easy task than it used to be, a large percentage of high street stores and supermarkets now stock up to 22, but for those over that size it's still extremely limited, frustrating and can be incredibly costly. 

If, Miss Collins, the reports are to be believed, you're set to make over a million from this venture. So, I put it to you; surely any body with a bit of business nouse would realise you've just alienated yourself from a HUGE chunk of the market?!..... As Julia Roberts said to the snotty shop assistant in Pretty Woman... "BIG mistake, Huge". And it really is Gemma, because as we see you yo-yo dieting, going out with guys who a few weeks previous basically said they wouldn't touch you with a barge pole when sober because you're fat and now limiting your "plus size" range to a 22, I put it to you, are you in fact ashamed of being fat? Not body confident? And indeed not best placed to market yourself as plus size representative?

I suggest you spend some time researching your market better, maybe speaking to plus size women, reading plus size blogs and understanding your public better. Yes, you're only human, just an average joe, but you chose to thrust yourself into the limelight, and make issue of your body size, so please handle the opportunity you've been given with a little more savvy and respect, do your home work, and set out your market stall, as it were, a little better.

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs "fat and proud" BeBe 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Catching up!

Hey Hey! I've been a bit MIA, to be completely honest my Bipolar has been playing me up something chronic, there's been lots of tears, and rage and then back to tears again. If you're interested in Mental Health and want to gain a better understanding of it why not drop by Mind, they have loads of info there. Anyway, swiftly moving on.... Just thought I'd pop a few pics up of what I've been wearing, doing, cooking etc.... 

Last week in an attempt to take my mind off things Mr BeBe took me and the baby into Hull for a spot of lunch and shopping, I wore this....

What I wore....
Top - Clements Ribeiro  for Evans (SOLD OUT!)
Shorts - New Look
Tights - M&S
Pumps - New Look

I always find, even if I'm just in a bad mood that cooking and baking really soothes me, so the other day I tried out a recipe for blueberry and bran muffins, they were so yum, I just need to invest in a muffin tin because other wise they just splurge!!

I've also been reading the newest issue of SLiNK Magazine, and as usual it does not disappoint! Packed full of fashion, articles and offers it really is the best read around. I bought a couple of glossy the other day and I just found myself tutting the whole way through. None of the fashion was accessible, and by that I mean, in my size, I couldn't relate to the articles and none of the imagery meant anything to me. Don't get me wrong, for inspiration and trend watching they are great, but when there's magazines like SLiNK around I'm going to chose that every time, something that is real to me.

Check out this special offer, enter "SLINK20" at the checkout for your discount
SLiNK can be bought in print for £3.95 with P&P or you can download the PDF for £2. You can also purchase a copy this weekend at Plus North!!

I've also bought a couple of little bits from the sales this week too, including this cute sweatshirt from H&M I love the bright neon pink against the beige and it is so comfy!!

So there you have it! That's what I've been up to, oh yeh I almost forgot, got my Tesco delivery the other day.... Look at this beast!!!!

The worlds biggest Butternut Squash!!!!